How to do fox eyelashes like a pro

Eyelash extensions are a great opportunity to enhance the natural beauty. They can level out defects in appearance easily and radically change the look, depending on the chosen effect. A professional eyelash stylist knows exactly which look suits best for each client. One of the most popular eyelash extension effects is the so-called “fox-eye-effect”. It gives the expression of the eye a touch of glamour that many women love. If you want to know “how to do fox eyelashes” then you will love this article.

What is the fox eyelash extension effect?

The fox effect is considered one of the most popular and most attractive. It is made with the angel wing technique and gives the eyelash look more expressiveness. Fox lash extensions are applied to lengthen the eye and pull it to the side. The eyelash extensions on the outer edge of the eye give the effect of a drawn arrow. The longest artificial hairs get applied on the outer corner and becoming shorter to the middle of the eye. Thus, the eye is slightly extended to the side, give the look a special appeal. The shortest extensions get applied at the inner corner of the eye. The eyes become more perceptible on the face due to the fact that the appearance of an eyeliner is created on the ciliary edges.

fox eyelashes

Best lashes for the fox eye look

You can use several materials for fox lashes:

  • Silk Lashes
  • Mink Lashes
  • Cashmere Lashes
  • Flat Lashes

The eyelash stylist chooses extensions of different lengths and diameters to vary the shape of the eye. The standard lengths are 14 to 6mm. The thicknesses go from 0,03-0,15mm. The main task is to achieve a smooth transition. The lash line should not look stepped. Many professionals use five or more lengths, so that the extensions are glued proportionally along the edge of the eye and give the expression of naturalness.

Best curls for fox lash extensions

The material, diameter, length and color are important when applying fox eyelashes. But it is also important to choose the right curl. The final shape of the eye and the eyelash extension look itself directly depend on it. Here you we will show you the best curls for this technique:

  • J-Curl: It’s a natural curl that creates a mascara effect
  • B-Curl: It allows to achieve the most natural fox effect. It is suitable for clients who want a little more eyelash volume to their natural eyelashes. The eyelashes also become more thicker.
  • C-Curl: It is a medium curl, that is high in demand. It allows to make a more open look and it visually enlarges the eye shapes. It is very suitable for fox lashes.
  • L-Curl: The L-Curl has a straight base with a strong curve. It is a perfect choice for fox eyelashes.
  • LC-Curl: It looks very impressive in combination with fox eyelash extensions.
  • LD-Curl: With their maximum angle, LD-Curl eyelash extensions also fit very well for the fox eyelash extensions style.
  • M-Curl: One of the most popular curl for the fox eyelash extension technique.

Fox eye lash map

The principle of the style is as followed:

  • The shortest extensions are attached at the inner corner
  • The length increases towards the centre
  • The length reaches a maximum at the outer corner
  • Transitions between main lengths are smoothed using intermediate lengths
  • Normally for the fox effect, eyelash extensions from 6 to 14 mm are used. The size depends on the client’s natural eyelashes

fox eye lash map

Step by step guidance for a professional eyelash extensions fox look

The work consists the following stages:

  1. The preparatory process: The expert cleans the skin of the eyelid from make-up and excess sebum with an eyelash cleanser. The eyelashes get prepared with a primer.
  2. Special hydrogel eye patches get fixed to the lower eyelid. They prevent the lower and upper lash line from sticking together.
  3. The self-made eyelash extension fans get glued to the natural eyelashes. First, the shortest extensions are glued to the inner corner of the eye. The lengths of the eyelash extensions get longer towards the outer corner.
  4. When the work is finished, the stylist will gently remove the pad and comb the eyelashes with a brush.

How to achieve the best fox eye eyelash extensions effect?

Eyelash extensions on the upper eyelid are placed in a special order to correct features that the client considers to be shortcomings. For best results, the eyelash extensions are glued using the eyelash extension method. This involves one or several eyelash extensions are attached to one natural eyelash.

What eye shapes are suitable for fox eyelashes?

The main task of the eyelash stylist is to determine whether this eyelash extension style is suitable for a particular client. The fox effect strongly affects the perception of the whole face. It doesn't suit all types of eye; it is necessary to analyse the clients face before starting. What is the face geometry? What is the shape and width and depth of the eye? The fox eyelash extensions style stretches the eye, so it will suit best the following shapes:

  • Round eyes: Fox eye eyelash extensions slightly stretch the client’s eye to the side. The arrow at the outer corner will extend it to an almond eye shape.

round eyes

  • Almond-shaped eyes: It’s the perfect eye shape - the look adds more sexiness to the face.

almond eyes

  • Close-set eyes: The fox eyelash trend will open the eyes to the sides.

close set eyes

  • Protruding eyes: Long eyelash extensions on the outer corners highlight the eye.

bulging eyes

What eye shapes are contraindicated for fox lashes?

Unfortunately, this technique is not suitable for clients of the following eye shapes:

  • Asian eyes: The fox eyelash extension style will give the eyes a heavy look.
  • Deep-set-eyes: Fox lash extensions will “push” the eyes even deeper.
  • Lowered corner eyes: The technique will only emphasize the corner. To raise the eyes, you should use a different eyelash effect (for example, squirrel-look).

Which products should be used for the fox eyelash extensions style

The final result depends not only on the eyelash stylists skills, but also on the used materials. The higher their quality, the more beautiful the look. Those are the materials that are used for a professional work:

  • Eyelash pads to protect the lower eyelashes from the upper
  • Eyelash shampoo that removes make-up and residues from the eyelid
  • Primer that prepares the eyelashes for better adhesion
  • Eyelash glue that fixes the artificial hair and ensures long-lasting eyelash extensions
  • Tweezers that help the eyelash stylist apply and separate
  • High quality eyelash extensions that will level up the lash-game and ensure a soft wearing comfort

2D eyelash extension technique

In addition to classic fox eyelashes, there is also the 2D eyelash extension technique. The double effect involves gluing a fan of two eyelash extensions to the natural eyelash. This technique is suitable for those who have already tried the classic extension, and the result obtained did not satisfy the client enough. With such a method, the client will not have to use eyeliner, since the eyelash edge will be well defined. This technique is suitable for clients with sparse eyelashes. If the natural eyelashes are weakened or thin, it is better to refuse 2D volume. A fan of two eyelash extensions can be too heavy for a natural eyelash.

3D eyelash extension technique

The triple effect is very similar to the 2D eyelash extension technique. The eyelash extension fans are heavier, that’s why this technique is not good for all clients. Such a fluffy look allows to achieve extreme volume eyelashes and create a shadow effect on the eyelids. The eyelash stylist needs to be experienced for this job.

If you are thinking about which technique to choose, pay close attention to the client’s eyelashes. The difficulty is in making the eyes look natural. Here the eyelash stylist use extensions of various thicknesses and colors. If the client’s eyelashes are thin, weak and often fall out, the 3D effect should not be used.

How to care for eyelash extensions?

With proper and regular care of eyelash extensions, your clients will significantly extend the wear period and keep them in best form. We recommend the following rules:

  • Avoid spas, saunas etc. with humid rooms and high temperatures
  • Don’t use oily cosmetics on the eyelids
  • Salt and chlorinated water is not best for eyelash extensions
  • Don’t sleep with the face in the pillow
  • Brush and wash the eyelashes daily
  • Don’t rub or remove eyelashes by yourself

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