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Everybody has the same problem. You buy eyelash extensions in one shop, adhesives in another and remover in the third. It is hard to find a lash company that delivers constant quality. With constant quality we mean the best eyelash extension products, no matter if you are looking for tweezers or lash lift products. We are a company for the sale of eyelash extension products and trainings and we just offer the best quality in one place.

Why choose our eyelash shop?

We have been successfully working since more than 10 years. We do not stop developing and replenishing our assortment. Our products are environmentally friendly, easy to use and do not cause discomfort and allergies. We work directly with manufacturers, which guarantees high quality and affordable cost of materials for a professional eyelash work. Our advantages:


You can contact our eyelash extension shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). We will be happy to advise you in any questions you have.

Quality assurance of goods

We sell only the best eyelash products we use on our own. We are honest about the actual expiration dates. Inventories are changed every month.

Wide product range

In our eyelash extension shop you will find all popular products that you will need for a first-class work.

Lash shop with climate control

Our warehouse is equipped with the latest climate control system. To keep products within the recommended temperature and humidity ranges. 

Genuine customer reviews

We only publish reviews from customers who have ordered specific items in our lash extensions shop. This ensures honest and reliable reviews that will help you make the right and informed choice when purchasing in our eyelash shop.

Safe payment methodes

We do not store your card details. Bank card details are entered on the secure payment page using additional protection "3D Secure". Such payment is official and confirmed by Shopify.

Fast delivery

Our lash company delivers products to anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Lash Shop with special discounts

Here we will show you how to get the most out of every purchase in our lash extensions shop.

  1. Discounts from the purchase amount: The more items in the cart the higher the automatic discount. If you buy 10 pieces of 1 item you will get an automatic discount of 10% on this product.
  2. Free shipping: If your bill is minimum € 300,- you will get free shipping – anywhere in the world.
  3. Weekly promotions: Check our Sales page for additional discounts on many eyelash products.

Wide range of best eyelash products

Our lash company is at a high professional level in the worldwide supply of eyelash and eyebrow products. We only cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers of this type of goods. In our lash shop, you will find everything you are searching for. The main goal of our store is the delivery of high-quality goods and a fast customer service. The product range of our store contains the following categories:

Eyelash extensions

We have them all! You will find the best eyelash extensions in different lengths, diameters, curls, colors and materials in our lash shop.

Eyelash extension glue

We offer the best glues for eyelash extensions. They have different drying times, consistencies and guarantee a 5star service.

Eyelash extension tweezers

They are the most important tool and the key to success. We have straight and curved stainless-steel tweezers in our eyelash extension shop.

Eyelash tools

Pads, brushes, tapes, lash tiles, boxes and many more make the work more comfortable and ensure full client satisfaction. Hydrogel patches fix the hair and moisturize the skin.

Build-up preparations

We offer just the best primers, removers and eyelash shampoo in our lash shop.

Eyelash and eyebrow lamination

Your clients will be very satisfied with our lamination products. They lift every hair to the maximum.

Starter kits

Our ready-made kits will facilitate the selection of products for beginners, because all their components are carefully thought out by professionals.

Become part of our family

Our lash company is always happy to help you when choosing products from our store. We take into account the wishes of each client and look forward to a long-term partnership!

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