Why are D curl lashes highly in demand?

Eyelash extensions are a popular service of beauty salons worldwide. Millions of women regularly get their eyelashes done by a professional eyelash stylist. One of the most used eyelash extension curl are D curl eyelash extensions. Why are they so popular? Here you will find everything you need to know about D curl lashes.

What are D curl lashes?

The concept of different curls was introduced with the aim of separating artificial eyelashes, depending on the degree. This allows the stylist to use various eyelash extensions in their work, depending on the type of eyes and the wishes of the client.

d curl lash extensions

Sometimes is difficult to understand all the nuances and correctly determine which extensions are suitable for working with certain eye shapes. Many customers do not know that to change the appearance, it is not necessary to lengthen or add volume to eyelashes - sometimes it is enough just to change the angle of the curl. Extensions with this kind of bend are very versatile and suitable for many eye shapes. It is a strong curl that makes the eyes more pronounced and visually opens them. In modelling and applying smooth transitions, the bend is easy to use. From the outside it seems that the woman is wearing makeup. This is convenient, since it does not require additional time spent on makeup. With d curl lash extensions, women can get out of bed uncomplicated in the morning, wash up and go to work.

Advantages of D curl lash extensions

The most important advantages of D curl eyelash extensions are:

  1. Appearance and Visual Impact: The D curve allows to do what many women try to achieve with makeup and false eyelashes. To enlarge the eyes, to pay special attention to them and to make the look more open and attractive. This is done using D curl eyelash extensions. If the stylist is faced with the task of correcting a drooping eyelid, or visually raising the outer corner of the eye, D curl lashes can also be used.
  2. Duration of wearing: Of course, the choice of curl in some cases can affect the duration of wearing eyelash extensions. If the curl of the natural eyelashes matches the curl of the artificial fibers as much as possible, the area of contact is as large as possible for the stylist. That is, if a customer has naturally curved eyelashes, it makes no sense to apply a weak bend B or J.

A completely different situation will be if the stylist is faced with the task of correcting straight eyelashes looking down. In this case, D curl eyelash extensions can also be applied. The lashes should enable women with straight eyelashes to see themself in the mirror with an open gaze and curled eyelashes.

Which eye shapes suit best with D curl eyelashes?

Drooping eyelids: Here it is important to apply a more curved curl. D curls in this case are the most convenient and best option. 70% of the overhanging eyelids are in middle-aged and elderly clients. The D curl is optimal, because it can be used to create neutral effects with a short length. It rounds the eyes and makes it bigger.

Big eyes: Here the eyelid is open big with no overhang or eye deepening. In principle, absolutely any bend will suit such eyes. However, D curl lashes will better emphasize the look and open the eyes. And for those who do not want to catch the eye with extended eyelashes, the D curl will look natural and neat.

There are eye shapes for which the D eyelash extension effect will be contraindicated.

Deep-set eyes: D curl eyelash extensions will cause discomfort and rest against the eyelid when opened. In this case, it is better to replace it with other curls.

Large-protruding eyes: This type of eye shape must be visually "pushed back". To do this, it is better to take a curve with a strong curl (L, L+, M Curls).

d curl eyelash extensions

How to apply D curl lashes professionally

  • They are well suited for building up to round the eye, when the maximum length is located in the middle of the eye in the middle of the pupil (open-eye-look).
  • Mix of curls with a transition from the outer corner: In this case, at the outer corner of the eye, either more D curl lash extensions are taken, or a "derivative" of D - M. At 1/3 or in the eye middle is a smooth transition to D. In such work, only 2 curls are used and at the nose ends short lengths of D.
  • Mix of curls with 2 transitions: In this case, CC or M is also used at the outer corner, then 1/3 goes to D, and at 2/3 to C. In this eyelash style, the extensions near the nose are specially built up in a smoother bend - for a natural look.
  • In mixed eyelash curls, D curl lash extensions act as a shock absorber for the transition: Provided he is in the middle of the work, the emphasis in the gaze falls on him. The transition in different curls is not given to everyone and requires a careful working out. When changing from one length to another, it is enough to correctly place the eyelashes on one vertical row of three or five rows of natural eyelashes. Sometimes you have to tinker with 3 - 5 vertical rows, making the transition very smooth.

How to choose a perfect extension with all important parameters

When choosing lash extension curl options, a professional eyelash stylist also does not lose sight of other features. Only a professional choice allows to achieve a high-quality result, therefore, the following parameters are taken into account.

d curl


The lengths can be varied from 7 to 14 mm. The most popular are of 7-12 mm, which do not give a feeling of heaviness and form a beautiful ciliary row. Working with ultra-thin eyelashes requires a high level of skill but allows you to achieve an amazing effect. Extensions from 15 mm are heavy and can cause problems to wear, that’s why we don’t sell them in our shop.


The thickness of synthetic lashes can be from 0.05 to 0.15 mm. The more elegant and subtle the extension, the more natural the final result will look. Heavy, thick eyelashes can only be used with healthy and strong natural hairs. Diameters of 0.05-0.07 mm are the most used.

Eyelash volume

An extraordinary lash look can be achieved using 2D, 3D volumetric techniques. Mega volume eyelash techniques are appropriate for flashy looks and clients who want to stand in the centre.

Eyelash extension effects

The assortment of eyelash extension curls opens opportunities for beautiful squirrel-eye, doll-eye, fox-eye, open-eye and cat-eye lash looks.

To ensure long-term D curl lash extensions results and preserve the health of natural eyelashes, as well as emphasize the natural beauty of the client’s eyes, eyelash extensions should be done by qualified stylists.

Tweezers for best work performance

When working with D curl lash extensions, it is very important for a stylist to have several high quality tweezers. One tweezer held in the auxiliary hand serves as a separator. After fixing the eyelash extensions, the stylist removes the eyelashes from the stripe with the working hand and puts the fan on the natural eyelash. For auxiliary purposes, straight and curved tweezers are used.

lash tweezers

The convenience of the tweezers is a very important condition for comfortable work. The tweezers tip should not be tight or crooked. The tweezers should have perfect tips and a good grip for the best work performance.

There is a three-phase rule:

  • Cleaning after each work with a special agent
  • Drying carefully
  • Storage in a tweezer case


D curl lashes are a must-have for every professional stylist. They bring joy to every client’s face. If you want to buy professional D curl eyelash extensions, then you are at the right spot.

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