Why everybody wants to have C curl lashes

Every professional eyelash stylist knows that eyelash extension curls are an important criterion for a quality work. They are selected taking into account the individual characteristics and wishes of the clients. The use of various curls during the work helps to modelling the look and the correction of minor imperfections in appearance. Factors such as the strength of natural eyelashes, a harmonious look, and the duration of wear are considered. Many clients want to have C curl lashes. For good reasons.

What are C curl eyelash extensions? 

c curl

C curl lashes have a slight curve. All in all, they look more curved compared with natural eyelashes. It is a so-called midway between weak and strong curves. They create a full but natural lash look, even if it is 2D or 3D volume eyelashes. C curl lash extensions count to the most popular types of eyelashes around the world.

Advantages of the C curl

  • They care for an attractive eyelash look.
  • With this shape of bend, a stylist can achieve visual correction of the shape of the client’s eyes.
  • The bend visually opens the eyes and is suitable for any type of technique. No matter if you want to do C curl volume lashes or classic C curl lashes.
  • With its help, the look becomes natural and attractive. Many stylists believe because of the smooth curl that this is the golden middle of all bends.
  • The curl can be used both separately and in combination with other options. CC and D curls look amazing in combination.
  • The lashes have a deep black colour. Many ladies prefer the classic C curl technique.
  • With such high-quality material, every professional stylist will feel comfortable working and achieving the best results.
  • Many different styles can be done with C curl lash extensions. Natural-eye, squirrel-eye, fox-eye effect, Kim Kardashian effect, cat-eye effect and so on.

                Who is suitable for C curl lashes?

                • Clients with slightly curled natural eyelashes
                • C curl eyelash extensions create an open-eye-effect for clients with horizontal angled natural eyelashes
                • They create a lash lift effect for clients with slightly downward angled natural eyelashes
                • C curl lash extensions create a stunning doll-eyelash look for clients with close to horizontal angle natural eyelashes
                • They can "cover" a strongly rounded shape of the eye or visually lengthen small eyes

                  Do not use C curl eyelash extensions for:

                  • Clients with heavily downward angle lashes
                  • The C-bend makes narrow eyes even smaller, which not everyone likes.
                  • The curl is not recommended for clients with an "overhanging" eyelid.

                      Conny Lashes tip: When mixing different curls in one style, it is necessary to strictly observe the rows and smoothness’s of the transitions, not only in lengths, but also in curls.

                      How to choose the right curl?

                      Extensions get selected individually for each client. This is an important factor that can affect the appearance and change the face. Eyelash stylists need a lot of experience to decide which is the best curl for an individual client. Different effect can only be achieved by playing with the curls - ranging from natural to expressive. A wrong curl can ruin the lash look and emphasize the natural imperfections of the eyes.

                      extension curls

                      Human eyes differ in several parameters. There is big eye, small eyes, Asian eyes, almond eyes and many more. Therefore, it is important to select the right eyelash extension curls. Based on the clients wishes the anatomical features, the choice of the required curl is carried out. The main thing is that the chosen extensions do not differ much from the client’s natural eyelashes. Otherwise it will not look aesthetically pleasing and too artificial.

                      When do C curl lash extensions fit best?

                      Due to the smoothness of the lines, the "C" curl provides a visual lengthening of the eye. If the eyelashes get glued correctly, they can add extra length to small eyes. Among the various eyelash extension styles, the "fox eye" stands out especially effectively. Foxes have expressive, narrow, slanting eyes slightly raised upwards. True eyelash stylists can create a similar look with the help of fake eyelashes.

                      Another great eyelash extension effect with the use of C curl eyelashes is the so-called eyeliner effect. This is not an independent build-up, but only an addition to the main one. How does it work? Fans of large volume, but small lengths, are built up along the lower ciliary row. Fluffy eyelash extensions, tilted towards the outer corner of the eye, create the effect that the eyes are wider. It is very important to prevent the extensions from sticking together. The eyelash fans should be only attached on the upper eyelash row. Fans on bottom lash line can cause discomfort.

                      Another popular type of eyelash extension style is the "Kim K" effect. The correct execution of Kim K lashes depends on the competent selection of curls between the "main build-up" and the "rays". The eyelash effect got this name thanks to the popular Hollywood star Kim Kardashian. To create such an effect, it is necessary to take a smoother curl for the main build-up. C curl lash extensions are best for this. We recommend applying the rays with "D" curls. If you take even stronger curved extensions, the contrast, of course, will be even more visible.

                      The best lengths

                      The lengths can be varied from 7 to 14 mm. The most popular are of 7-12 mm, which do not give a feeling of heaviness and form a beautiful ciliary row. Working with ultra-thin eyelashes requires a high level of skill but allows you to achieve an amazing effect. Eyelash extensions from 15 mm are heavy and can cause problems to wear, that’s why we don’t sell them in our shop.

                      The best diameters

                      The thickness of synthetic lashes can be from 0.05 to 0.15 mm. The more elegant and subtle the eyelash extensions, the more natural the result will look. Heavy thick eyelashes can only be used with healthy and strong natural hairs. Stylists love to work with 0.07 c curl lashes and lengths from 0.05-0.07 mm are the most used.

                      How long do C curl lashes last?

                      C curl eyelash extensions ensure a long wear. Most clients have straight or slightly curved natural eyelashes. Thanks to the curvature of the C - there is a large adhesion area, which ensures a comfortable and long-lasting wear feeling. We recommend refilling the eyelashes after all 3-4 weeks. That time period guarantees the best look.

                      C and D curl lashes

                      A modern eyelash extension work is done with more than just one bend. Many stylists use two or more curls. C and D curl lashes are probably the most mixed ones.

                      C and D curl lashes

                      What is a D curl?

                      The extension looks natural and can lift a drooping eyelid or correct a strong difference in eye symmetry.

                      C and D eyelash extension mix

                      A build-up is performed from the outer eye corner (last section about 3/4 of the eye) with the D curl. In the middle of the eye should be a smooth transition to the C curl. It is recommendable to use both curvatures from 8 to 10 mm. The D curl extension has a stronger curve and the addition of the C curl eyelash makes the style softer.

                      Where to buy C curl eyelash extensions?

                      You can purchase high-quality C curl lashes in our online store. Every eyelash stylist will get real pleasure when working. The eyelashes will help to do an accurately, quickly and efficiently work. Customers will love their lashes with our best C curl lash extensions.

                      buy c curl

                      How to remove eyelash extensions effectively?

                      It is possible to do a full set of eyelash extensions in just a couple of hours. It must be done carefully and without damaging the natural eyelashes. Sometimes it can happen, that a client calls and wants to remove the extensions. If you do a professional job, just clients from other studios will call and ask for help.

                      Often it is due to the use of low-quality materials, false techniques and an incorrect use of the gluing technology. We recommend removing the eyelash extensions right away. Incorrect applied eyelash extensions can cause damage to the natural cycle.

                      The most effective way to remove the eyelashes is to use a remover. We sell removers in the form of gels and creams. Both options are very effective and remove extensions in just a few minutes.

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