Eyelash Extension Glue (Adhesive)

Eyelash Extension Glue (Adhesive)


    Long, curved and deep black eyelashes - which woman does not dream of a perfect look and that after getting up? A top work also includes the best eyelash extension glue. Because this is just as important as the eyelash extensions themselves.

    If you are now wondering, what is the best eyelash glue for you and your customers? Then the answer is very simple. There is basically no universal lash glue that fits everywhere and for everyone. The adhesives differ from one another in many ways.

    What is particularly important with an adhesive?

    The most important thing is that the eyelash glue meets your needs and desires. It is therefore also recommended that you read through the individual properties of the respective product carefully beforehand. Our oil-resistant eyelash extension glues harden very quickly and are perfect for customers of all skin types. We have also thought of the different eyelash shapes and volumes. Our eyelash extension adhesives are therefore suitable for both fine and very voluminous eyelashes as well as every eyelash shape.

    Advantages of our eyelash glues

    All of them are characterized by high flexibility, durability and top quality. Our professional eyelash extension glues usually do not cause skin irritation, even if used on very sensitive customers. We want to offer our customers only the best and at the same time take their health into account. We, therefore, dispense entirely with the use of latex and formaldehyde in our formulas. Our glues are therefore completely harmless to health.

    Also, all of our glues generate very little steam. Due to the high flexibility of our glues, eyelash extensions last for up to 8 weeks. The eyelash extension glues in our shop are suitable for every technique, regardless of whether you create classic (1:1) or volume eyelashes. Our company has strict contracts with our suppliers, and we can offer our loving customers the best eyelash adhesives with a clear conscience.

    We offer a large selection of different professional eyelash glues with different drying times, temperatures, viscosities, colours and consistencies. All of our lash glues ensure that eyelash extensions can be applied quickly and easily. We only offer our customers the highest quality and most effective lashes adhesives, which our experts have meticulously developed.

    Our lash adhesives ensure the perfect durability of the eyelash extensions

    Many women complain that their lash extensions don't last long enough. This can, of course, be very annoying and also associated with unnecessary costs. Your customers can enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time; not only adhesive technology plays an important role and the quality of your eyelash extension glue. Because a high-quality lash glue forms the most important link between natural and artificial eyelashes. It is also decisive for how long the lash extensions last.

    Our experts have taken exactly this problem to heart and developed the right solution with our professional adhesives. In addition to the easy and quick application, durability is an absolute plus point for you and your customers. Numerous stylists have already been able to test our professional eyelash glue, and the evaluations were clear. Our products have been consistently rated as extremely recommendable by everyone. Your customers will also love our glues. After all, who wouldn't want to express their eyes perfectly with attractive lashes for a long time?

    Correct storage of our eyelash extension glues

    Two factors are important for long service life and optimal adhesive strength: quality and correct storage.

    Our experts have already ensured the highest quality. But even the best products cannot be used in the long term if they are not stored in a way that is appropriate for the product. It is now your turn to ensure correct storage. Here we show you the most important tips so that you are perfectly prepared with our eyelash extension glue:

    1. Put the glue in a place where there is no direct sunlight.
    1. Store in a cool, dark and dry place at a temperature between 15 and 21 degrees (avoid excessive temperature fluctuations).
    1. It is best to store the glue upright in our adhesive storage box to prevent the glue from drying out and condensing.
    1. Don't put the glue in the refrigerator.
    1. Always shake the glue well before use so that the components it contains can mix well with one another.
    1. After use, thoroughly remove any remaining adhesive residue from the edge of the bottle with a cloth.

    If you take these tips into account, you will be able to work long and effectively with our eyelash adhesives. Now you too can make the eyes of your customers shine and enchant them with eyelash extensions that last. Wow, effect and an unforgettable look are guaranteed!