Silk Lashes

Silk Lashes

We love eyelashes, and we take this love very seriously. We want to offer our customers all over the world only the best products. This also includes the very popular silk eyelashes. Many eyelash technicians prefer to work with this material for one good reason.

Benefits of silk lashes

1. Their flexible, ultra-soft, super-shiny finish enhances the volume and length of natural lashes.

2. Silk eyelash extensions are flexible and can be used for any classic or volume lash style.

3. Silk lashes add an extra dimension for a natural, fluffier, and glamorous lash look. A big benefit of our eyelashes is, that they don’t lose their curl even after weeks.

4. The dark colour of our silk lash extensions allows a beautiful set of lashes for your clients.

5. Our silk lashes are easily removable from the strips and they are easy and fast to apply.

6. They can be perfectly used to achieve beautiful, classic, and volumizing eyelash extension looks.

What are silk eyelashes made of?

Despite the name "silk," they are not really made of real silk, as the material is too soft. It couldn't be applied by an eyelash technician and could not hold the shape and curl. These eyelash extensions have fine silky fibres and flexibility, which allow them to hold their shape until they fall out. Each type of lash extension has unique characteristics that differentiate it from others, such as differences in weight, length, finishing, and polishing. As compared to others, silk lashes are more tapered and lightweight with a glossier finishing.

High quality silk eyelash extensions

The wearing comfort of silk eyelashes is incomparable. Your customers will probably forget that they are wearing silk eyelash extensions. We recommend them even for clients with thin natural eyelashes. A significant benefit of our silk lashes is that they are long-lasting and have low maintenance in any situation. Whether you are at a wedding, in the rain, or at a late-night party, our premium lashes will never lose their curl and shape. Thanks to the natural appearance, people around will not guess that the eyelashes are artificial. You can get our silk lash extensions in various lengths and diameters. The curls such as C, CC, D, and B allow you to truly customize and tailor the lashes to each client. Special eyelash looks like the cat-eye look, doll-eye, natural-eye, squirrel-eye, or open-eye look can be easily achieved. The technique of eyelash extensions is tailored to the particularities of the eye shape, position of the eyes, and the depth of the customer’s eyes. Silk eyelash extensions greatly transform a woman’s appearance and allow you to get the most natural expressive look. If you are looking for eyelash extension products that have not been tested on animals, then you are in the right place. All of our eyelashes are 100% cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. At our eyelash store, you will find high-quality products at the best prices. An eyelash artist is only as good as his products, so equip yourself with the best eyelash extensions. Check out our silk lashes in different curls.