This is how you choose the right eyelash lifting pads for your customers

Without such a small but important tool, the procedure of lifting and laminating eyelashes is impossible. The result directly depends on them. If you want to do a professional 5-star job and have many satisfied customers, then you've come to the right place. Not only do we discuss which lash products or techniques work best, we also provide useful advice from experienced lash experts.


Not everyone is born with perfect eyelash shape. Many have to seek the help of eyelash stylists in beauty salons and artificially bend their hair.

Treatments such as lifting or laminating have been developed to make the natural lashes more curved. Both aim to change the look of the eyes. They add length and shine, which allows opening the eyes to make them brighter and more expressive.

lash lift pads

To achieve a natural look with these treatments, special eyelash lifting pads are used. They look like sticks applied to the upper eyelid. Silicone is used as the material for their manufacture. We sell high quality eyelash pads in our shop. The product is intended for multiple use. They are characterized by gradually increasing from the inner edge to the outer edge, creating a smooth, beautiful curve.

Conny Lashe's tip: It is necessary to sterilize the silicone pads after each client like all other reusable lash lifting tools. The material can withstand heat treatment. However, antiseptic solutions are not recommended, since they can destroy the surface of the material, which further impairs its properties. Before sterilization, the surface must be cleaned of product residues and rinsed with water.


Special silicone pads lift and fix the eyelashes for the right styling. Silicone eyelash lifting pads are tailored to the shape of the eyes and the size of the eyelashes. A wrong selection will lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Our eyelash lifting set contains reusable soft and super elastic Lash Lift Pads. They are used to treat short natural lashes for maximum effect.

Our premium eyelash lifting pads are available in 5 pad sizes:

  • Small: For short natural lashes no longer than 6 mm.
  • Medium: It forms a slight sweep with straight ends.
  • Medium 1: Creates a smooth, rounded curl on medium-length natural lashes.
  • Medium 2: Simulates an extra round bend.
  • Large: For eyelashes from 10 - 15 mm in length. It creates a smooth lash wave.

Conny Lashe's tip: There are many different sizes of eyelash lift silicone pads that need to fit each client's eye perfectly. Medium-sized (medium) lash lifting pads are considered universal. They are suitable for any length. We do not recommend using silicone pads for eyelashes less than 0.4 cm and over 1.5 cm. For customers with very short eyelashes (less than 0.3 cm), it is impossible to choose a suitable size. In this case, it is better to refuse treatment.


  1. The eyelash stylist cleans the eye from dirt and degreases it with a special solution.
  2. The expert chooses the Lash Lift Pad according to length and desired effect.
  3. Eye pads are fixed to isolate the lower lashes from the upper ones.
  4. The selected silicone pad is fixed to the eyelid with an eyelash lifting adhesive. The lashes should have a good stretch on the rods.
  5. 2/3 of the natural eyelash length are covered with the 1st lotion. The lotion must be applied with a Y-brush about 1-2 mm from the roots. The exposure time of the first lotion depends on the customer's natural eyelashes.
  6. Remove the lotion and add the setting lotion. It should cover the client's natural lash length. The lotion must be applied with a Y-brush about 1-2 mm from the roots. The exposure time again depends on the customer's natural eyelashes.
  7. To make the natural lashes even more visible, a color can be added after removing the 2nd lotion.
  8. A keratin booster helps make lashes stronger and more resistant to damage.
  9. Remove the Lash Lift Pads and clean all Lash Tools carefully.

Silicone rods are tailored to the shape of the eyes and the size of the eyelashes. A wrong selection leads to a bad result. Using small pads on very long, thick lashes will create more curl. Incorrectly applying a large pad will minimize the swing, which is unsatisfactory for the eyelash lift technique.

At the end of the treatment, the eyelashes appear longer and thicker. The most important thing is the choice of the Lash Lifting Pad size, the correct stretching and arrangement of the eyelashes, the application of the lotions and their exposure times.

lash lift pad


Lamination of the lower lashes is only necessary in the case of trichiasis disease, whereby the lashes are curled inwards towards the eyeball.

It is carried out using the same procedure as the classic upper eyelash lift.


The eyelashes should lie strictly parallel on the Lash Lift silicone pad, not crossed or broken. The layout is an important step that determines the position of the eyelashes after the procedure. An applicator can help position the lashes correctly.

An eyelash lifting pad is placed exactly in the zone of eyelash growth. Always place the eyelash lifting silicone pad correctly. As you lay out the lashes, make sure they extend from the growth line past the eye line and don't seem to droop over the eyelid. It is also important to keep the symmetry in the direction of the hair on the two eyes. Every millimeter is important here - even a small difference can ruin the result.


The Y-shaped eyelash applicator is your best friend. It takes a few minutes to fix the lashes. The two working surfaces of the Y-comb ensure quality work. The fine tip allows for quick and easy gripping of hair from root to tip. It ensures that all lashes are separated and stay in the best position on the silicone pads.

y-brush lash lift


The lashes should reach the middle of the lifting pad. If the lashes don't reach the middle, a smaller silicone pad is needed. If the natural lashes go far beyond the middle, it is advisable for beginners to change the pad size to the next size.

Avoid crossing the lashes at the root and tip. Particular attention must be paid to the beginning and end of the row of eyelashes in order not to lose any eyelashes.


  • Properly tuned lash pad
  • Properly fixed with an eyelash lifting glue
  • Good stretching of the eyelash lifting pad
  • Perfectly aligned lashes
  • A small amount of glue on the eyelashes
  • Correct combed eyelashes on the silicone pad
  • Individually adjusted exposure time of lotions


High-quality perm and setting lotions are very important for perfect work. We sell eyelash lifting lotions with very short exposure times. They guarantee fast work. This makes them special for eyelash stylists and clients. A stylist can perform more treatments in less time and the client doesn't have to wait long.

lash lift lotions

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