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Eyelash extensions are applied to the customer's natural eyelashes. There are two main types of eyelash extensions. The classic eyelash extension is also referred to as a one-to-one technique and volume eyelash extension. The two variants range from natural and subtle to dramatic and curved. One of the most popular swings is the CC curl. The elegant swing offers your customers an unmistakable look.

Features of the CC Curl eyelashes
CC Curl eyelashes have a short and straight base. The swing is super dramatic.
CC Curl eyelashes are a mixture of the C Curl and the D Curl. They were developed to draw attention to the eye.
You can never go wrong with your clients with CC Curl eyelashes because they suit all eye shapes.
The special eyelash extensions enable a fresh and incomparable look.
Even customers with special requirements and high expectations will leave the beauty salon with a smile.
Especially with very straight natural eyelashes, the eyelash extensions provide an elegant effect and enhance the natural beauty.
CC Curl lashes add a touch of drama to natural beauty.
What are our CC Curl eyelashes made of?
The eyelash extensions are made by hand from synthetic material in a complex process. This creates their natural finish. The eyelashes are allergen-free and also very robust.

What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with silk eyelashes and mink eyelashes?
Natural fibers are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are only named for their appearance. This is where names like mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes come from. We attach great importance to sustainability! That's why all our eyelash products are sustainably produced. The eyelash extensions in our Lashes Shop are made exclusively from synthetic materials. They do not contain human hair lashes.

The best CC Curl eyelashes are available in our eyelash extension shop
The demand for CC Curl eyelashes is great all over the world. It's not for nothing that they are one of our "bestseller" products. No eyelash stylist can avoid this special curve in the course of his career. A big plus of the CC Curl eyelashes is that they can be used universally. The sweeping sweep towards the tip makes every eye appear larger and should therefore always be on hand. The eyelash extensions are available in our shop in individual lengths and strengths. This makes it easy to achieve special effects such as the cat eye look, the doll eye, the natural eye, the open eye or the fox eyelash look. The technique of eyelash lengthening is tailored to the peculiarities of the customer's eye shape, position and depth of the eyes. Nothing stands in the way of irresistible lashes. The eyelash extensions will surely bring many satisfied and returning regular customers. CC Curl eyelashes are unaffected by hot temperatures. They never lose their dramatic swing and deep black color. Like all of our artificial eyelashes, the medium-curved eyelashes can be quickly and easily removed from the strips and fanned out effortlessly. Every customer is important to us. That's why we carefully inspect every CC Curl pack before it leaves our warehouse. We hope you enjoy shopping in our online shop.

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