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An eyelash extension look is individually tailored to a client. The unique eyelash look should perfectly match the eye and face shape. A gentle and safe technique preserves the natural lashes in perfect condition. M Curl eyelashes are applied using the Russian volume technique. The uniqueness of eyelash extensions cannot be surpassed.

Characteristic of M Curl eyelashes
The short base of the M Curl lashes combined with the strong curl helps lift even the straightest natural lashes.
The eyelash extensions are particularly suitable for customers with deep-set eyes.
The M Curl lashes are unique as they cannot be compared to any other lash line.
The flat base of the eyelash extensions and the strong curve from the middle of the false eyelash allow for several different eyelash looks.
A beautiful eyeliner effect can be conjured up with the eyelashes.
The shape of the M Curl lashes makes it possible to lift even the most stubborn natural lashes.
They are perfect for Russian volume lashes. They can be easily fanned out and conceal any droopy eyelids.
M curl lashes create a natural-looking length with a curved curl that doesn't touch the eyelid.
The M curl is particularly effective with the cat-eye look.
They are particularly suitable for customers with natural lashes that point downwards, as they make the eye appear significantly larger.
What are our LD Curl eyelashes made of?
Faux mink lashes are also known colloquially as "mink lashes". However, they are made of synthetic material. These are synthetic fibers that imitate real mink fur. The eyelash extensions are made by hand in a complex process. A trained eye will not recognize that these are not natural hair lashes.

What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink eyelashes?
Natural fibers are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. The eyelashes are called "mink" because their texture is as soft as that of animal mink hair. Due to their robustness, they are considered one of the most durable extensions. The artificial eyelashes are not made from natural hair.

The best M Curl eyelashes can be bought at Conny Lashes
Would you like to offer your customers something extraordinary? Then you absolutely have to buy the strong curved M Curl eyelash extensions. A new eyelash set with our M Curl eyelashes makes every eye look brighter and more defined. Our M Curl eyelashes are available from us in various lengths and strengths. With the eyelash extensions you can conjure up unique effects, such as the cat eye look, doll eyes, natural eyes, open eyes or the squirrel eyelash look. The technique of eyelash lengthening is tailored to the peculiarities of the customer's eye shape, position and depth of the eyes. The extensions are characterized by a deep black color and a curve that does not lose its bend even with the greatest temperature fluctuations. The eyelash extensions can be quickly and easily removed from the eyelash strips. Fanning out the individual lashes with tweezers works effortlessly. They are extremely comfortable to wear and guarantee many repeat customers. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. That's why every M Curl eyelash pack is checked again for quality before it leaves our eyelash extension shop. We hope you enjoy shopping in our wide range of different eyelash rings.

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