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Eyelash extensions are available in our store in a wide variety of curls. From flat to strongly curved, there is something for every customer requirement. A very natural variant is the J-curl. Customer demand for J lashes is huge, making them a must-have for any professional lash stylist

Characteristic of J Curl eyelashes
As the name suggests, J curl lashes have a straight base with a slight curve towards the tip.
Slightly straighter than natural lashes, they are considered one of the most natural lash extensions on the market.
J Curl Lashes are the perfect choice for clients looking for a classy, ​​elegant or voluminous lash look.
J Curl eyelashes ensure a natural-looking length and volume of the eyelashes and achieve a thicker and fuller look.
The shape of the J Curl eyelashes is very similar to our natural eyelashes. A natural wearing comfort is guaranteed.
J Curl Lashes provide an elegant effect and a soft look, especially when the client's natural lashes are very straight.
Due to their natural curvature, they are ideal for concealing droopy eyelids.
They are the perfect accessory for every day. The swing is subtle and suitable for the office.
What are our J Curl made of? eyelashes ?
Our J Curl lashes are made from synthetic fibers. They contain no allergens and are very resistant. The eyelash extensions are handmade in a very complex process. This gives them their natural looking matte finish.

What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink eyelashes?
Since natural fibers are not very suitable for processing into eyelash extensions, the eyelashes are only named after their appearance. This is how names like cashmere, silk or mink come about. False mink eyelashes look particularly natural. The eyelash extensions are made exclusively from synthetic materials and do not contain human eyelashes.

The best J Curl Eyelashes are available in our eyelash extension shop
Anyone who has ever enjoyed this special eyelash extension knows what we are talking about. The J Curl eyelashes are ultra-soft and comfortable to wear. Our J Curl Eyelashes are available in individual lengths and strengths. You can conjure up a variety of eyelash looks for your customers. The slight curvature of the eyelashes creates a unique look. They are of very high quality. The high-quality manufacturing process of the eyelash extensions guarantees that they do not lose their momentum even with temperature fluctuations. The deep black color characterizes our extensions. The individual lashes can be easily detached from the strips and fanned out with eyelash tweezers. The eyelash extensions enable an optimal, voluminous result. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. Every single package of eyelash extensions is carefully checked for quality before shipment. Conny Lashes stands for quality and customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to eyelash extension products that are produced sustainably. The extensions offered are made exclusively from vegan and animal-free materials. J Curl eyelashes underline an individual eyelash extension and are the perfect solution for a natural-looking appearance.

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