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When it comes to beauty, there's nothing quite as seductive as long, full lashes. From using thick mascara and eyelash curlers to applying synthetic lashes, there are numerous ways to add volume to your own lashes. One of the most popular options right now is the C Curl Lashes.

C Curl Lashes are eyelashes that have a curved shape, just like the letter "C". The lashes are thicker at the base and thinner at the ends and have a beautiful, natural curl that opens up and accentuates the eyes. The C Curl Lashes are perfect for your customers who want attractive and, above all, fuller eyelashes. With their glamorous look, they are ideal for dance evenings, restaurant visits or special events that require radiant make-up and a real wow effect.

In the following we will show you the special advantages of the C Curl Lashes, what they are made of and what you should definitely consider when using them.

What are the benefits of C Curl Lashes?

Our C Curl Lashes are a popular choice with clients who want a more elegant and fuller look for their lashes. Compared to classic eyelash extensions, C Curl eyelash extensions have special advantages:

  • Longer Lasting: C Curl Lashes last longer than straight lashes. Due to their curvature, they adhere better to the natural eyelashes and are therefore less likely to fall out.

  • Natural look: Although C Curl eyelash extensions look more intense than straight eyelashes, they still look natural. They give your client's lashes a nice curl without looking too overdone.

  • The eye is emphasized: The C Curl Lashes are perfect for emphasizing the eyes and widening the gaze - they immediately make the eyes appear larger, fresher and more awake. This also means that your customers will automatically feel more attractive and self-confident.

  • Less maintenance: Since the lashes naturally have a curve, they require less maintenance. They do not have to be treated with an eyelash curler every day.

  • They adapt to many eye shapes: The C Curl eyelash extensions suit many eye shapes and face types. They can be customized to your clients individual needs to achieve their desired look.

Eyelash styles

C Curl Lashes are one of the most popular eyelash curls used by eyelash stylists around the world. They are ideal for clients who want a natural yet appealing look. The C Curl Eyelash Extensions create a subtle shape that opens the eyes and makes the lashes appear longer and fuller.

At C Curl Lashes, different eyelash styles are used to achieve the desired look. You can find some of the most popular eyelash styles here:

Natural eyelash look

This style uses a combination of different lengths of C Curl Lashes to create a natural look. The lashes are arranged in a manner that mimics the client's natural lash line, subtly opening the eyes.

Cat Eye Lash Look

The cat eye style uses longer C curl lashes on the outer corners of the eye to create a feline look. The lashes are placed in a decreasing length from the inner to the outer corner of the eye to achieve the effect.

Doll Eye Lash Look

The doll eye style uses longer C curl eyelash extensions in the center of the eye to create a doll eye look. The lashes are placed in a decreasing length from the center to the outer corner of the eye to achieve the look.

Open Eye Lash Look

The open eye style uses longer C curl lashes in the center of the eye and shorter lashes on the outer corners to visually open the eyes. The lashes are placed in a decreasing length from the center to the outer corner of the eye to create the effect.

These eyelash styles are just a few examples of how C Curl Lashes can be used to achieve different looks. Eyelash stylists can also customize the C Curl Eyelash Extensions to suit each client's wants and needs, combining different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures to achieve the perfect look.

100% customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. As experienced eyelash stylists, we select our products with the utmost care in order to be able to offer you products of excellent quality. Each package is checked for quality again before shipping in order to achieve a unique product experience and to exceed our customers' expectations. We are always at your disposal for any questions and suggestions, and if a product does not meet your expectations, we offer you a 30-day right of return.


Our C Curl eyelash extensions are handmade from synthetic material, which gives the lashes their natural look. Through multiple checks, we guarantee their skin compatibility and strong resistance. All our products are of course vegan and not tested on animals. You can also get our lashes in different lengths and densities, which you can individually adapt to the needs and preferences of your customers.

If you want to buy C Curl Lashes, it is advisable to always pay attention to high quality and gentle production. This way you ensure that the product you have selected has a long shelf life and that your natural eyelashes are also protected.

A step-by-step application of C Curl Lashes

With a little practice, C Curl Lashes can be applied very quickly and easily. Below we give you a general overview of the entire application process:

  • Preparation: Before the lashes can be applied, your client's natural lashes must be clean and free of makeup, oils, and other products. This process is important to ensure that the C Curl Lashes adhere well to the natural lashes.

  • Choosing the eyelashes: Before you start applying, you can choose between different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures according to your own wishes.

  • Eyelash Application: Eyelash application requires special tweezers and glue to attach the eyelashes to the natural eyelashes. The glue is carefully applied to prevent the lashes from sticking together or irritating the eyes.

  • Eyelash Positioning: Eyelashes are carefully positioned to ensure they look even and natural. The C Curl Lashes can be brought into the desired shape and are not too heavy on the natural eyelashes due to the even application.

  • The right care: In the first 24 hours after application, the eyes and eyelashes should neither be washed nor touched with the fingers. Rubbing and using oily products can weaken the adhesive and reduce the durability of the C Curl eyelash extensions. In addition, it is important not to brush or pull the lashes too hard, as this can cause damage.

This step-by-step application is aimed in particular at applying the C Curl Lashes in our online shop. Therefore, note that each manufacturer can use different materials or technologies and therefore also require a different application.

If you are looking for a permanent and natural eyelash look, our C Curl Lashes are a great option. With the right application and care, the lashes last a long time and your customers can enjoy entertaining evenings with attractive lashes without ever having to worry about the durability of the lashes again. We hope you enjoy shopping in our online shop!

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