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Eyelash extensions are the classic for long and voluminous eyelashes. With eyelash extensions, thin artificial eyelashes are attached to the natural eyelashes. This creates a beautiful look. In order to maintain the effect, the eyelashes must be refreshed regularly. One of the trending curls in the eyelash extension world is the C-curl. There are good reasons for it.

Features of the C-curl eyelashes
The short eyelash line and the natural swing make each eye appear larger and fresher.
The swing can be used for any eye shape and depth. You can create a fabulous look without being too intense.
One of our best-selling lashes, the C-curl lashes are the perfect choice for clients who prefer a natural or dramatic curl.
Basically, you can't go wrong with eyelash extensions. They suit all eye shapes and provide the famous WOW effect.
A big advantage of the C Curl eyelashes is the so-called open-eye effect. Every eye looks bigger and fresher.
With this coveted sweep, any beauty routine can be spiced up in no time at all.
Especially with straight natural lashes, C Curl lashes ensure an elegant and fluffy look.
C Curl eyelashes offer every customer the ultimate wearing comfort and make eyelash dreams come true.
What are our C Curl eyelashes made of?
Our C Curl eyelash extensions are handcrafted from synthetic material which gives them their natural look. They contain no allergens and are very resistant.

What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes?
Natural fibers are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. The eyelash extensions are only named after their appearance. This is how names like silk eyelashes or mink eyelashes come about. We attach great importance to eyelash extension products that are produced sustainably. The eyelash extensions in our shop are made exclusively from synthetic materials and do not contain any animal hair.

You can find the best C Curl eyelashes in our eyelash extension online shop
Eyelash stylists all over the world love our C Curl eyelashes. You should never run out of the C curl as it can be used on all eye shapes. The curved eyelash extensions are available in our eyelash shop in different materials, colors, lengths and strengths. In this way, special effects such as the cat-eye look, the doll eye, the natural eye or open lashes can be easily achieved. The technique of eyelash lengthening is tailored to the peculiarities of the customer's eye shape, position and depth of the eyes. The lashes strike the perfect balance between drama and natural beauty. The C Curl eyelashes do not lose their beautiful curve even after weeks, and the deep black color withstands any weather. Depending on your taste, we also offer the C Curl eyelash extensions in different colors. The brown and light colors can be individually incorporated into each eyelash set. A beautiful lash line can be created with different lengths. They also guarantee an optimal appearance, because the eyelash extensions can be easily pulled off the strips and fan out. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priority. That's why every package is checked again for quality before shipping. Enjoy shopping in our store.

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