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The perfect eyelash extension kit depends on many small factors. A professional eyelash stylist must have the ability to choose the right materials and the most appropriate technique for the client. To achieve this goal, a professional stylist has plenty of eyelash extension curls available. One of them is the slightly curved B-curl.

Characteristic of B curl lashes
B-curl lashes have a straight base with a slight curve towards the tip of the extension.
The straight base allows a large adhesive surface when applying and ensures a natural lash look.
B curl lashes are slightly more curved than J curl lashes, but the shape closely resembles our natural lashes. They shine more because of their length than because of their swing.
At first glance, it is not obvious that you are wearing eyelash extensions.
They underline the natural openness of the eyes and appear longer and voluminous - without appearing exaggerated.
They are the perfect everyday accessory. The natural curve is subtle and is absolutely suitable for the office.
B Curl Lashes provide an elegant effect and a sleek look, especially when the client's natural lashes are very straight.
They are perfect for customers with small eyes. With the right technique, the eye can be widened and the shape of the eye can be stretched.
B Curl Eyelashes stand for naturalness
In addition to a professional pre-treatment, good eyelash glue and special skills, the right swing is also important for optimal durability of the eyelash extensions. Would you like to create a natural eyelash look? B curl lashes are a great option! The eyelash extensions with the B-curl are available in our shop in different lengths and strengths to achieve an irresistible eyelash look. In this way, special effects such as the cat eye look, the doll eye, the natural eye, the open eye or the squirrel eyelash look can be easily achieved. The technique of eyelash lengthening is tailored to the peculiarities of the customer's eye shape, position and depth of the eyes. The slight curve of the B Curl eyelashes ensures an excellent end result. A beautiful lash line can be created with different lengths.

The best B curl eyelashes at Conny Lashes
You must stock the various eyelash extensions in different lengths, thicknesses and curves. Our B Curl lashes never lose their curl or color. The jet black color is an essential feature of eyelash extensions. They can also be pulled off the strips very easily and thus guarantee fast work. The high-quality manufacturing process of the artificial eyelashes ensures the best quality and fast fanning out of the eyelash extensions. The B Curl eyelashes are also extremely soft and comfortable to wear. They are the perfect choice for clients who want a classy and elegant yet natural look. We attach great importance to eyelash extension products that are produced sustainably. The extensions offered are made exclusively from vegan and animal-free materials. Each individual package is checked again for quality before shipping. We hope you enjoy shopping online in our eyelash extension shop.

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