Achieve the WOW effect with extreme eyelash extensions

Would you like to offer your customers the ultimate wow effect with extreme eyelash extensions? In this comprehensive guide, I share valuable tips on how to achieve spectacular results with extreme eyelash extensions. Let's explore this exciting world together and enchant your customers with breathtaking, dramatic eyelashes.

Extreme eyelash extensions with the volume technique

The volume technique is an advanced method of eyelash lengthening, in which several thin eyelash extensions are shaped into so-called fans and applied to a single natural eyelash. The use of fine extensions in different lengths and curves creates an impressive volume that gives the lashes a fascinating look.

To achieve extreme eyelash extensions with the volume technique, you can follow the following steps:

Choose the right Extreme Eyelash Extensions

Opt for high-quality extreme eyelash extensions in different lengths and thicknesses to achieve the desired volume. Make sure the extensions are soft, light, and flexible for a natural feel.

We recommend our cashmere eyelash extensions . The fine material and the lightness of the lashes are perfect for extreme lash looks.

Form volume fans

With the volume technique you can form individual fans out of the extensions. Use special tweezers to do this and gently hold several extensions in the middle to form a fan. Make sure the extensions hold together well and have a nice symmetrical shape.

Apply fans to natural lashes

Apply a gossamer glue to the base of the fans and gently place onto the natural lashes. Make sure the fan sits close to the lash line and the extensions don't stick together.

Repeat the process

Repeat the process, applying fans to each individual natural lash. Make sure the compartments are evenly spaced to create a harmonious and voluminous appearance.

The combination of extreme eyelash extensions with the volume technique allows you to create a breathtaking look that puts your client's eyelashes in the spotlight. With maximum fullness and impressive volume, your eyelashes will be an absolute eye-catcher.

care tips

Proper care is crucial to maximize the durability of Extreme Eyelash Extensions. Here are some important tips to pass on to your customers:

Avoid using oily products

Products containing oil can affect the adhesion of the Extreme Eyelash Extensions. Explain to your customers that they should avoid oil-based make-up removers, eye creams and eyelash serums to prevent eyelash extensions from falling out prematurely.

Gently clean the Extreme Eyelash Extensions

Gentle cleaning is important to maintain the lasting effect of the Extreme Eyelash Extensions. Teach your clients how to gently clean their lashes without damaging the extensions.

Regular refill appointments

In order to maintain the dramatic effect of Extreme Eyelash Extensions, it is important to schedule regular refill appointments. Encourage your clients to schedule refill appointments ahead of time to get the wow factor from their eyelash extensions.

Final Tips

Here are a few final tips to ensure your clients get the maximum effect:

By following these tips and passing them on to your customers, you can achieve the impressive wow effect. Give them a unique look and let them express themselves with confidence with their dramatic lashes. With these care tips and recommendations, your customers can get the maximum effect out of their Extreme Eyelash Extensions and let their beauty shine.

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