Eyelash Extension Certification in Colorado

Eyelash extensions are fine artificial eyelashes that are applied to the natural eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller. Eyelash extension courses are very popular worldwide. If you live in Colorado and want to be your own lash boss, here's how to get an eyelash extension certificate.


To get a certificate, you must have a cosmetology license from the Bureau of Cosmetology and Hairdressing. Through this license you will learn the basics of the beauty industry.


You must complete and demonstrate a cosmetics program. Unlike other states, Colorado recognizes credit hours for licensing. Here you have to complete 60 credit hours. Generally, a 60 credit hour program leads to an associate degree.


After completing the cosmetics program, now is the time to submit an online application and pay $27 as a fee. The application process is completed through the Colorado Cosmetology Licensing Portal. This portal is part of the PSI, which handles the cosmetic tests. You must be at least 16 years old when applying.

After submitting the application, you will be notified by email within 48 hours. After receiving the e-mail, contact the PSI. Pay the $71 fee and schedule for the practical exam.


If you contact the PSI, you will get the number of test centers for the practical exams. The centers include:

  • Colorado Springs
  • Grand Junction
  • durango

The duration of the practical test is a maximum of 2 hours and 20 minutes. After you pass the practice test, you need to pay $56 and schedule the written exam through the PSI. You have 2 hours for the written test. Both exams must be passed within one year. If you fail, the application will expire and you will have to submit it again. After you have passed both exams, you will immediately receive the cosmetics license together with a photo pocket card.


In the eyelash extensions training program, you will learn the fundamentals, business strategies, and core techniques necessary to become an eyelash artist. This is a 4 day personal training session. This training consists of two courses. Everyone has two days.

  1. Fundamentals of Eyelash Extension Application Course
  2. Certification in Eyelash Extension Application Course


In Colorado, all cosmetic licenses expire after two years on April 30th. The license for eyelash extensions can expire in an even year or an odd year. This depends on the issue date. If you want to extend the license, you have to renew it after 2 years. There is no need to continue education to maintain the license. You can also keep yourself up to date with eyelash extension training and learn the latest trends. There are numerous training courses for eyelash extensions in Colorado. Courses are also possible online.

In the training program you have the opportunity to learn, practice and improve your skills on live models. Sign up, get trained and get certified. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills with confidence and launch a successful career in Colorado as an eyelash stylist.

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