The eyelash extension diva look for the special woman

Would you like to give your customers the coveted diva look with breathtaking eyelash extensions? No problem, as an experienced eyelash stylist I can give you valuable tips on how to achieve this glamorous and captivating look with eyelash extensions.

What is the eyelash extension diva look?

The diva look eyelash extensions are known for their dramatic and sensual expression. It gives the eyes a seductive, alert and intense look. Here are some key steps to achieve the diva look with eyelash extensions:

Choose the right eyelash extensions

To achieve the diva look, high density and length eyelash extensions are required. Choose eyelash extensions specially designed for a voluminous and eye-catching effect.

We recommend our mink eyelashes and cashmere eyelash extensions. The eyelashes are very fine and easy for the customer to wear. They ensure comfort and can be quickly fanned out with tweezers. You can choose between different curls, lengths and strengths to achieve the desired eyelash extension diva look.

Consider the shape of your customers' eyes

When it comes to eyelash extensions with a diva look, it is important to consider the individual eye shape of your customers. A professional consultation will help you determine the right length, swing and volume to achieve the diva look you want. Remember that every customer is unique and has individual needs.

Rely on the mega volume technique

The mega volume technique is crucial to achieve the eyelash extension diva look. By using individual lash extensions of different lengths and curvatures and fanning them out, you create an intriguing and full-bodied effect. This ensures an expressive and voluminous appearance.

eyelash extension diva look

Use good quality glue

In order to ensure a long-lasting diva look, choosing a high-quality eyelash glue is of great importance. A good glue will ensure a strong and permanent bond to keep the eyelash extensions in place. Make sure to use a hypoallergenic glue suitable for sensitive eyes.

Follow the step-by-step Diva-Look eyelash extension instructions

With these steps you can give your customers the enchanting diva look with eyelash extensions.

Prices for the eyelash extensions diva look

Diva lash extension prices vary based on location, level of experience, and scope of application. Usually the prices are between 150 euros and 350 euros for a full eyelash extension. Top-up appointments can cost anywhere from $50 to $120 depending on how often they are needed to refresh the look and maintain full volume.

Eyelash extensions Diva look for the special woman

As an eyelash stylist, it is important to respond to the individual needs and wishes of your customers. Always conduct an in-depth consultation prior to treatment to understand the desired diva look and clarify expectations. Provide a professional and comfortable environment where your customers can feel good and look forward to the result.

Invest in quality products and keep up to date with the latest eyelash extension trends and techniques. This allows you to always offer your clients the best results and make their eyes shine with a stunning eyelash extension diva look.

Keep in mind that diva lash extensions are a creative art form where you can use your skills and talent as an lash stylist. Let your creativity flow and bring the diva look to life. Your customers will feel like real divas thanks to the captivating and seductive aura of their eyes.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey into the fascinating world of eyelash extension diva looks and bring the glamor to your customers eyelashes!

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