More Drama Baby! The eyelash extension drama look

Would you like to give your customers an impressive drama look with breathtaking eyelash extensions? No problem, as an experienced eyelash stylist I can give you valuable tips on how to achieve this captivating and dramatic look.

What is the eyelash extension drama look?

The drama look eyelash extensions are known for their intense and eye-catching expression. It gives the eyes a dramatic depth and ensures a look that draws all eyes.

You have to keep that in mind with the eyelash extension drama look

eyelash extensions drama look

Here are some key steps to achieve the drama look in eyelash extensions:

Choose the right eyelash extensions

To achieve the eyelash extension drama look, extensions with high volume and length are required. Opt for eyelash extensions that are specially designed for a dramatic effect.

eyelash extensions drama look

You can choose between different weights, lengths and curls to achieve the look you want. We recommend our cashmere eyelash extensions. With it, eyelash fans can be made up to 20D and nothing stands in the way of the eyelash extension drama look.

Consider the shape of your customers' eyes

With the Drama Look eyelash extensions, it is important to consider the individual eye shape of your customers. A professional consultation will help you determine the right length, swing, and volume to achieve the drama look you want. Every customer has unique characteristics that need to be considered.

Volume technique for the drama look

The application techniques play a crucial role in achieving the drama look. Use techniques like Russian volume lashes of different lengths in the form of lash fans. This creates an expressive and voluminous appearance.

Which eyelash glue for the eyelash extension drama look?

To ensure a long-lasting drama look, choosing a quality eyelash glue is of great importance. Look for a reliable and durable adhesive that will ensure strong adhesion. A hypoallergenic adhesive is particularly important to avoid any possible reaction or discomfort.

How much does the Drama Look eyelash extensions cost?

With these steps you can give your clients the impressive drama look with eyelash extensions. Drama look eyelash extension prices vary based on location, level of experience, and scope of application.

As a rule, the prices for a complete eyelash extension in a drama look are between 140 euros and 300 euros. Top-up appointments can cost anywhere from $50 to $110 depending on the frequency with which they are needed to refresh the look and maintain full volume.

Which people are suitable for the eyelash extension drama look?

The drama look in eyelash extensions can be worn by different people with different needs and preferences. In general, the drama look is ideal for those who want an eye-catching and intense look. Here are some examples of people who might consider the eyelash extension drama look:

  • Individuals with naturally few lashes: If someone naturally has thinner or less dense lashes, the drama look can help increase the volume and fullness of the lashes and give them an eye-catching effect.

  • People who want an eye-catching look: The drama look is ideal for those who like to wear eye-catching and dramatic makeup looks. It's a great way to give the eyes an intense and captivating expression and achieve a glamorous style.

  • People who have special occasions or events: The eyelash extension drama look is ideal for special occasions such as weddings, balls, parties or photo shoots. It gives the eyes a touch of elegance and ensures that one is remembered.

  • Individuals in show business or entertainment: Individuals who work in the entertainment industry, such as actresses, models, or performers, can benefit from the drama look as it gives their eyes extra emphasis and prominence on stage or in front of the camera.

  • People who want a confident appearance: The eyelash extension drama look can also be chosen by people who would like to feel confident and powerful. It gives the eyes a certain expression and self-confidence.

However, it is important to note that suitability for the eyelash extension drama look depends on individual eye shape, personal preference and expectations.

A detailed consultation with a professional eyelash stylist is crucial to make the right decision and tailor the drama look to individual characteristics.

How long does the Drama-Look eyelash extension treatment last?

The duration of an eyelash extension drama look can vary depending on various factors. In general, such a treatment takes a little longer than a classic eyelash extension, as more eyelash extensions are applied to achieve the intense and eye-catching look. Here are some factors that can affect the length of treatment:

  • Experience of the eyelash stylist: An experienced eyelash stylist with extensive experience in the eyelash extension drama look can perform the treatment more efficiently and potentially work faster than someone with less experience.

  • Size of desired eyelashes: The length of treatment also depends on how much volume and fullness you want. Depending on how many eyelash extensions are to be applied, this can affect the treatment time.

  • Natural lash texture: The natural texture of your own lashes can also have an impact. If you have naturally denser or thicker lashes, this can reduce treatment time as fewer lash extensions need to be applied to achieve the desired drama look.

The eyelash extension drama look usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours. However, this can vary from eyelash stylist to eyelash stylist.

During the treatment you lie comfortably on a couch and your eyelash stylist will apply the eyelash extensions individually to your natural eyelashes. It is a relaxing and gentle procedure that allows you to keep your eyes closed.

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