Trend: eyelash extensions with rhinestones

Do you want the absolute luxury eyelash evening look? Try eyelash extensions with rhinestones. This technique gives the make-up additional oomph and allows you to emphasize your individuality.

To ensure that the result meets your expectations and lasts as long as possible, you should make sure to choose an experienced stylist who only uses high-quality materials in his work.

What are the characteristics of eyelash extensions with rhinestones?

Bright and shiny eyelash extensions with rhinestones make the look unique and attract the attention of others. This type of eye decoration is ideal for special parties. But modern women also use this type of eyelash enhancement in everyday life.

To decorate the eyelashes, the stylist uses small glass or acrylic stones of different colors. These are completely transparent or have a delicate tint. Rhinestones from the “Swarovski” brand have a particularly brilliant shine. However, such stones are not cheap either. Often several types of rhinestones are combined into one eyelash extension.

How does eyelash extensions with rhinestones work?

In any look, rhinestones on eyelash extensions look stylish and original. The small stones can create a natural effect with a slight accent or a completely doll-like look.

Which eyelash extensions work best with rhinestones?

Different eyelash extension materials can be used. Whether silk, mink or cashmere. Each of these materials adds a special shine to the overall picture.

Which rhinestones should be used for eyelash extensions?

Before sticking rhinestones on eyelash extensions, you should think about the desired effect. The stones come in different shapes, textures, sizes and colors. You can use it to just stick on a few glitters or decorate almost any hair.

The most popular types of rhinestones for eyelash extensions:

  • Stones with a flat matt base

  • Stones with silver plated back and imitation gemstones

  • Multi-faceted crystal rhinestones that create an exquisite shine

  • Artificial polymer stones for a beautiful daytime look

Crystals come in different diameters. The details are indicated on the packaging of the materials. The smaller the rhinestones are, the more comfortable they are to wear and the more natural they appear. The color of the stones is selected individually, depending on the outfit, eye and hair color.

Different shapes of rhinestones for eyelash extensions

You can attach not only round rhinestones to the eyelashes, but also crystals in the shape of a heart, drops or stars.

Professional tips for eyelash extensions with rhinestones

  • Do not try to stick pebbles on your eyelashes yourself to avoid harm to your health. Leave this work to an experienced eyelash stylist who will select appropriate rhinestones and safe materials.

  • An eyelash glue based on cyanoacrylate is used for attachment. When using a product, it is important to observe safety precautions and first conduct an allergy test for sensitivity to its components.

Technology for gluing rhinestones to eyelash extensions

  1. In order to additionally decorate the hairs on the eyelids, you need not only glue and stones, but also a brush, special tweezers and a magnifying mirror.

  2. Before starting the treatment, all eye make-up must be removed and the eyelashes must be degreased.

  3. The stylist grabs a rhinestone with tweezers, applies some glue to its flat part, and then places it on a specific area of ​​the eyelashes. You can adjust the position of the stone using an aid.

  4. The adhesive base hardens in 3 minutes, after which the stone sits firmly.

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