Eyelash extensions after 3 weeks: what to do?

Welcome, dear eyelash stylists! Today we would like to talk about an important topic that affects many customers: eyelash extensions after 3 weeks. While the initial excitement about the new lashes wears off, it's important that they are still in the best condition after 3 weeks. In this article we give you valuable tips on how you can help your customers to keep their eyelash extensions beautiful for a long time.

Eyelash extensions after 3 weeks - the importance of proper care

Good maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of eyelash extensions. After 3 weeks it is important that your customers continue to pay attention to gentle cleaning and care. Recommend a mild, oil-free cleansing product made specifically for eyelash extensions. They should gently clean their eyelashes by applying the cleanser with a special eyelash cleaning brush or a soft brush and rinsing gently. Regular cleaning can remove dirt, oils and makeup residue that could affect the longevity of the eyelash extensions.

Be careful when using makeup

After 3 weeks, your clients can continue to use makeup, but they should be careful not to damage the eyelash extensions. It is recommended to use water-based or gel-based makeup products and avoid oil-based products. Oil-based makeup can weaken the adhesive and lead to premature loss of eyelash extensions. Caution is also required when removing make-up. Recommend your clients to use an oil-free makeup remover product and gently apply it to the eyes with a cotton pad.

Eyelash extensions after 3 weeks - avoiding heat and moisture

After 3 weeks, your customers should take care to avoid heat and humidity, as this can affect the durability of the eyelash extensions. It is recommended to avoid intense heat sources such as saunas, steam baths or hot air from a hair dryer. Direct contact with hot water, for example when showering or swimming, should also be avoided. If your clients go swimming, they can use a waterproof lash coating to protect the lash extensions from water and moisture.

Regular refills

When should you refill eyelash extensions after 3 weeks? After 3 weeks it is time for a regular refill. Remind your clients that they should make regular appointments to have their lashes filled. Eyelash extensions that have fallen off can be replaced with regular refills and the full and beautiful look can be retained. Explain to them the benefits of ongoing care and encourage them to stick to a strict schedule to enjoy their eyelash extensions for the long term.

Be careful when sleeping

After 3 weeks, your clients should watch how they sleep to protect their eyelash extensions. It is recommended to sleep on your back to minimize direct pressure on your lashes. Using a silk pad or a silk eye mask can also help prevent rubbing and protect the eyelash extensions after 3 weeks. Encourage your clients to develop good sleep habits to prolong the life of their eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions after 3 weeks with our tips

Taking care of the eyelash extensions after 3 weeks is of great importance to ensure their long-lasting beauty. By educating your customers about the right care and giving them valuable tips, you can ensure that their eyelash extensions still look fantastic after 3 weeks.

Encourage them to maintain a gentle cleansing and grooming routine, observe proper make-up handling, avoid heat and humidity, use regular top-ups, and pay attention to their sleeping position. With these tips, your customers can enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time and preserve their beautiful, expressive eyes.

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