Eyelash Extensions Certification in Georgia

Are you interested in eyelash extensions and planning your own studio? We'll help you with that. Becoming an eyelash stylist is a rewarding experience. With this experience you have the power to beautify the eyes and make your customers happy and satisfied.

Different states in the US have different requirements for obtaining eyelash extension certifications. Here we will talk about Georgia.


To get the certificate, the basic step is a license in cosmetology or cosmetics. This is mandatory as this training will teach you the basics.


To get a cosmetology license, you must meet educational standards. Here you can get the training from a beauty school. You also have the second option of applying for a cosmetology training license by completing on-the-job training.

You have to attend a cosmetics school to qualify for the PSI exam and apply for the license. You must have at least 1500 hours in nine months.

In Georgia, the PSI conducts the exam for the beautician. If you are eligible, you can contact PSI to take the exam. The cost of exams is $109. The master cosmetics exam consists of two parts:

  1. Master cosmetology practical exam

This exam assesses your clinical and practical skills. You must complete the exam within 140 minutes.

  1. NIC cosmetology theory exam

Theory exams can be taken online. This exam is based on multiple choice questions. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam.


After completing the training and exam requirements, you can apply for a cosmetics license. You will submit this application to the Georgia Board of Cosmetology. The application can be submitted online or physically along with citizenship verification and initial licensing application. The application fee is $30.


If you wish to apply on a reciprocal basis, you must demonstrate that you have met similar training and licensing requirements. If the Georgia Board approves the full documents, you will be granted a cosmetology license.


The Master Cosmetics License expires on March 31st of even years. During each two-year renewal period, you must complete five hours of continuing education to keep the license current. The training includes:

  • TCSG Health and Safety (three credit hours)
  • All electives (two credit hours)


After a cosmetology license, you can take training to get a certificate in eyelash extensions. In Georgia this is a 4 day training. It consists of two courses:

  • The basics of eyelash lengthening
  • Certification eyelash extensions

Each course has two training days. After that you will receive the certificate.

Although getting an eyelash extension certificate is not an easy task, you can do it. If you are interested and really want to make it, you can run your own eyelash extension studio in Georgia. So, encourage yourself and demonstrate your eyelash skills.


  • Veronica

    Tengo mi diploma de cosmetologia de Colombia y una aprobacion de horas pero no tengo mi licensing en USA. Y deseo tener mi licencia y tener Mas conocimiento de extension de pestañas.

  • Auay’Teria Davis


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