Eyelash extensions on vacation: tips for long-lasting beauty

The following tips are especially for eyelash stylists and customers who want their eyelash extensions to look perfect even on vacation.

The right preparation before the holiday

Before embarking on a well-deserved vacation, thorough preparation is important to ensure your eyelash extensions stay in top condition throughout the trip. Offer your customers to touch up their lashes just before they leave so they can start with full volume and a perfect look.

Consideration of the climatic conditions at the destination

The climatic conditions at the holiday destination can have a strong impact on the durability of the eyelash extensions on holiday. Educate your clients about the effects of heat, high humidity, sun exposure and salt water on their lashes. If necessary, recommend special care products that prevent the eyelashes from fading and improve their durability.

Protection of eyelash extensions at the beach or pool

The beach or pool are popular spots, but they can also pose potential dangers for eyelash extensions while on vacation. Encourage your customers to wear goggles when swimming to minimize exposure to chlorine or salt water. Avoiding excessive rubbing or rubbing of the eyes is also important to prevent eyelash extensions from falling out prematurely.

Gentle cleaning and care on vacation

Gentle cleaning and care of the eyelash extensions on holiday is also essential. Recommend your clients to use a mild lash shampoo to remove dirt, oils and residue. Encourages gentle brushing of lashes to break up tangles and maintain a beautiful appearance.

Avoidance of oily products

Products containing oil can weaken the adhesive of the eyelash extensions on vacation and lead to premature failure. Advise your clients to avoid oil-based makeup removers, creams and lotions while on vacation. Instead, they can use water-based or oil-free products that won't interfere with their eyelash extensions.

Avoiding strong rubbing or pulling

While on vacation, it can be tempting to constantly rub your eyes or tug on your eyelash extensions. Encourage your clients to avoid this habit as it can damage or prematurely remove the extensions. Give them tips on how to relieve possible irritation or itching without endangering their eyelash extensions on vacation.

Protection from sun exposure

The intensive sun exposure on holiday can not only damage our skin, but also the eyelash extensions. Recommend your customers to use sunscreen that is suitable for the eye area to protect their lashes from UV rays. Sun glasses are also a great way to protect lashes from direct sunlight.

Be careful with make-up for eyelash extensions on vacation

For many women, wearing make-up is part of the holiday routine. Give your clients advice on how to make their makeup easy yet gentle on lashes. Use water-based mascara and avoid using waterproof products as these are harder to remove and can damage the extensions.

Schedule regular refill appointments

Even if the holiday is a break from everyday life, it is important that your customers have their eyelash extensions refilled regularly. Encourages them to schedule refills before they go on vacation to ensure their lashes are in peak condition when they return home.

care after vacation

After the holiday, it is advisable to check the condition of the eyelash extensions and, if necessary, make an appointment for refilling. Your customers can treat their eyelashes with a moisturizing eyelash care to strengthen and regenerate them.

Eyelash extensions on vacation - tips and tricks from Conny Lashes

With the right tips and tricks, eyelash stylists can help their clients keep their eyelash extensions beautiful and long-lasting, even on vacation. Careful preparation, protective measures and gentle care are crucial to ensure the durability and appearance of the eyelash extensions on vacation. Enjoy it with the perfect lashes!

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