What can you do if eyelash extensions are too long?

If your eyelash extensions seem too long, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem:

  • Talk to your eyelash stylist: If your eyelash extensions are too long, it's a good idea to talk to your eyelash stylist first. You can adjust the length of the lashes to suit your needs and add shorter lashes if necessary. An experienced eyelash stylist will have the knowledge and skills to adjust the length of the eyelashes accordingly.

  • Wait for the natural growth cycle: Eyelash extensions will fall out naturally over time as your natural eyelashes fall out. So if you just wait and see, the length of eyelash extensions will decrease on their own over time. This usually takes around four to six weeks as this is the average growth cycle of natural eyelashes.

  • No self-trials: It is important that you do not attempt to trim or remove the eyelash extensions yourself. This can cause damage to the natural lashes and affect the appearance of the lash extensions. Always have the adjustments done by a professional eyelash stylist.

  • Apply less mascara: If your eyelash extensions seem too long, applying too much mascara can make the problem worse. Avoid applying too many coats of mascara as this will make the lashes look even longer and fuller. Choose a lighter mascara formula and apply sparingly for a natural look.

  • Be patient: If the length of eyelash extensions seems unusual at first, give your eyes and yourself some time to get used to it. You often get used to the new look after a few days or weeks and no longer feel that the length is too long.

It is important to note that eyelash extension length is a personal preference and may vary from person to person. Communicating with your eyelash stylist and working together on the desired length is the best way to achieve the ideal look for your eyelash extensions.

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