Eyelash extensions with glasses: tips for the perfect look

As an experienced eyelash stylist, you know that eyelash extensions can enchant the look. But what if your customer wears glasses? No worries! In this article you will learn valuable tips on how to create the perfect look for glasses wearers with eyelash extensions.

The right length and curvature for spectacle wearers

One of the most important considerations when choosing eyelash extensions with glasses is the length and curve of the extensions. Here are some tips to give your customers:

  • Choose a length that opens the eyes but isn't too long to hit the glasses.

  • For a natural effect, C-curls or B-curls are recommended. These bends go well with the shape of the glasses and provide a sleek look.

eyelash extensions with glasses

Coordinate eye make-up and glasses frames harmoniously

In order to achieve the perfect look with eyelash extensions and glasses, it is important to match the eye make-up to the frame of the glasses. Here are a few tips for your customers:

  • Use a waterproof eyeliner that won't smear when it comes into contact with the lens surface.

  • Opt for an eyeshadow color that complements or contrasts the tint of the glasses to make the eyes pop.

Proper care of eyelash extensions with glasses

Proper care is essential so that your customers can enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time. Here are some important grooming tips to give your clients:

  • Gently clean eyelash extensions with eyeglasses to remove debris, but avoid direct contact with the eyeglass surface.

  • Be careful when removing the glasses to avoid tangling or warping the eyelash extensions.

Professional advice and fitting for the perfect look

As an eyelash stylist, it is important to offer your clients individual advice and fitting. Here are some ways to achieve the perfect look for women who wear glasses:

glasses eyelashes

  • Discuss your client's individual preferences and guide them in choosing eyelash extensions that match their glasses and face.

  • Offer regular refill appointments to ensure eyelash extensions always look perfect with glasses.

Harmonize the shape of the glasses and the style of the eyelashes

It is important to balance the shape of the glasses with the desired lash style. With thicker frames, more eyelash extensions can be a good choice to accentuate the look.

With more delicate frames, on the other hand, more natural eyelash extensions with glasses can be a harmonious addition. Advise your customers which eyelash style best suits their glasses.

Cleaning and care tips

Glasses wearers should be particularly careful when cleaning the eyelash extensions to avoid damage. Recommend them to gently cleanse the lashes with a special eyelash shampoo, being careful not to touch the surface of the glasses. Explain the correct handling of the glasses when putting them on and taking them off to prevent the eyelash extensions from getting tangled or distorted.

Eyelash extensions with glasses in everyday life

Glasses wearers should also pay attention to possible friction between the eyelash extensions and the glasses in everyday life. Explain to them how to be careful with the frame of the glasses and not to strain the eyelash extensions unnecessarily. You can also make sure that your glasses fit properly and are not too heavy on your eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions with glasses will enchant your customers

With the right tips and a little attention to detail, glasses wearers can also achieve a fascinating look with eyelash extensions. As a professional eyelash stylist, you can help them find the perfect balance between eyelash extensions and glasses.

Offer them individual advice, tailor-made solutions and high-quality products to ensure that their eyelash extensions look their best even with glasses. With a self-confident and expressive look, they will master their everyday life with style and elegance.

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