Eyelash extensions with glitter? Tips from the pro

Want to add some glitter to your eyelash extensions? No problem! As an experienced eyelash stylist, I can give you some valuable information and tips on how to add a glittery touch to your eyelash extensions.

Possibilities of eyelash extensions with glitter

Using glitter in eyelash extensions can create a sparkling and glamorous effect. Here are some ways you can incorporate glitter into your eyelash extensions:

Glittering eyelash extensions

There are special eyelash extensions that already have glitter. These extensions have small glitter particles either along the entire length or just on the tips. They can instantly add an eye-catching touch to your lash look and create a sparkling effect.

Glittering mascara

Another option is to use a glittery mascara that is specially made for eyelash extensions. This mascara contains fine glitter particles that can be applied to the eyelash extensions to give them a sparkling look.

However, make sure to choose a water-based and not oil-based mascara so as not to affect the adhesion of the eyelash extensions.

rhinestones and glitter glue

You can also place individual rhinestones along the lash line or on the outer edge of the lash extensions for a sparkling accent.

Use a special glitter glue designed for use around the eyes. Make sure that the rhinestones are not too heavy and do not burden your eyelash extensions.

This is what you should follow for glitter eyelash extensions

However, before you incorporate glitter into your eyelash extensions, it's important to note a few things:

  • Always ask your lash stylist before using glitter to make sure it's safe for your lash extensions and your eyes.

  • Use high quality and hypoallergenic glitter products specifically designed for use around the eyes.

  • Keep the glitter effect subtle and balanced to avoid an overdone or messy look.

  • Carefully remove the glitter to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions. It is best to use a gentle eye make-up remover for this.

A glittery eyelash look can be especially great for special occasions or events. However, it is important that you use the right products and pay attention to the quality and safety of your eyelash extensions.

Enjoy the glamorous glitter effect and let your eyes shine with sparkling eyelashes. With the right care and regular refill appointments, you will be able to enjoy your glittering eyelash look for a long time.

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