Eyelash refill – save time and money when refilling

As an experienced eyelash stylist, you know that regular refills of eyelash extensions are of great importance to maintain the perfect look of your clients. In this article we would like to give you valuable tips and information on the subject of "eyelash refill". Learn how to get the most out of the fills and offer your clients a long-lasting and flawless result.

What is an eyelash refill?

Eyelash refill is about replacing the unusual eyelash extensions with new ones and refreshing the look. Natural eyelashes fall out over time, taking the eyelash extensions with them.

By filling in the eyelashes, the gaps are filled in so that the look appears full and voluminous again. The refill is usually recommended every two to three weeks to keep the eyelash extensions in optimal condition.

When is the right time for an eyelash refill?

An important aspect of the refill is the right timing for the refill. Every customer has different growth rates and care habits, so it is important to individually decide when the optimal time for the refill is.

Some customers prefer a fuller look and opt for shorter intervals between refills, while other customers are satisfied with longer intervals. Advise your customers accordingly and pay attention to their needs and wishes.

The process of an eyelash refill

The process of an eyelash refill follows a similar pattern as the first application of eyelash extensions. First, clean your lashes thoroughly to remove any makeup or oil residue.

Then you carefully remove the failed eyelash extensions with special tweezers and prepare the new extensions. The new lash extensions are then individually applied to the natural lashes to refresh and complete the look.

Care tips for the success of eyelash refills

Good care is essential for the eyelash refill to work optimally and for long-lasting results to be achieved. Advise your clients not to rub or pull on the eyelash extensions as this can cause damage.

Only use oil-free cleansing products and make sure to keep the lashes dry. It is also advisable to avoid mascara and other oil-based products as these can affect the durability of the eyelash extensions. Eyelashes should also be cleaned regularly with a shampoo.

The right glue for long-lasting results

An important factor in eyelash refill is the use of a high-quality eyelash glue with long-term adhesion. The glue plays a decisive role in the durability of the eyelash extensions and has a significant influence on the success of the refill.

The best eyelash glue

At Conny Lashes we offer the best eyelash glue in our online shop, which has been specially developed for professional applications and guarantees optimal results. The long-lasting adhesive offers several advantages when refilling eyelashes.

It ensures a secure and stable connection between the eyelash extensions and the natural eyelashes so that they last longer. This avoids having to redo all eyelash extensions at each refill appointment, which saves time and increases efficiency. The right adhesive makes it possible to continuously refresh the look of the eyelash extensions while preserving the integrity of the natural eyelashes.

Benefits of the best eyelash glue

Our eyelash glue from Conny Lashes is characterized by its high quality and its long-lasting formula. It is latex-free, waterproof and offers excellent adhesion without damaging natural lashes. With this glue you can be sure that the eyelash extensions will stay in place during the refill and that a perfect result will be achieved.

eyelash refill

Visit our online shop and discover the variety of our eyelash glues to find the ideal glue for your needs.

Eyelash refill: use glue correctly

Remember that the correct application of the eyelash glue is just as important as the choice of the glue itself. Make sure you apply the glue precisely and in the right amount for the best result.

refill lashes

If you have any questions about the application or the product, we are at your disposal and offer you comprehensive support.

Perfect the look with the eyelash refill

The refill is an essential part of eyelash extensions to keep the look fresh, voluminous and long-lasting. As a professional eyelash stylist, you should educate your clients about the importance of refills and offer them the best possible service.

With the right techniques, quality products and good care, lash filling becomes a hassle-free process that leaves your clients looking radiant. Use these tips to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of eyelash refills and continue to drive the success of your studio.

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