How an eyelash stylist's workplace should look like

Comfort has top priority in the beauty salon! The first thing to consider when setting up a workspace is the feel-good factor. Therefore, your beauty salon should have a comfortable couch or chair with orthopedic cushions. You spend all day applying lashes, so your own comfort is also very important. As an eyelash stylist, you need a comfortable chair with a backrest that allows you to work for hours without getting back and neck pain. It is advantageous if the chair is on wheels and can be adjusted in height.

The brighter the better! Light plays a major role in equipping the workplace of a professional eyelash stylist. You must be able to see each extension clearly, and your eyes should not tire easily. One of the best options are convenient portable cold light lamps.

Order is the be-all and end-all! The lash tools should be within reach. A small table or beauty trolley rack on wheels is a very handy option to store your eyelash extension equipment on. In addition, a closet with narrow doors that hide the work materials offers a good storage place.

Don't forget the extra comfort either. Offer your customers drinks and snacks and cover them with a blanket if desired. Music can be played in the background for extra relaxation. The customer will appreciate your efforts and will likely become a regular customer.


Here you will find helpful tips for the best start to your career as an eyelash stylist:

  • keep it simple Choose the methods and techniques that work best for you. In the future, more difficult techniques can be tried out on friends and family members. Stick to the basics when it comes to your customers.
  • It's not just about money, it's about getting better every day! Don't try to make money right away and don't work too hastily. It is better to work slower and even refuse customer requests. You will gain the experience and necessary skills the sooner you believe. A professional eyelash extension is for quality, not quantity.
  • Act like a pro because you are! If a client has a condition of the eyes and eyelids, do not do eyelash extensions. If a customer wants eyelash extensions that are unhealthy, don't do it.
  • Tell your first customers that you charge very moderate prices. These low prices are only temporary. Don't be afraid of losing a customer if you raise your prices as you get better and gain experience. You will also find new customers in the future.
  • Start building a customer base for eyelash extensions from scratch. Note first and last name, most commonly used techniques, lengths, thicknesses, etc.
  • Customer service is top priority! Call the customer after a few days and ask if everything is ok. Your customers will appreciate that.
  • Always inform your customers about the aftercare of eyelash extensions.
  • Don't take it to heart! Failures are not uncommon and there are also many unreliable customers. Try to be more patient and understanding in certain situations. Focus on improving your skills and growing your business.

    Never give up and you will succeed!

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