How long does an eyelash extension treatment take?

First of all, it should be emphasized that the application of eyelash extensions is a difficult and long process. It requires a high concentration and perseverance of the eyelash stylist. How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions? If the technique is performed professionally, it takes at least 2 hours. If a client wants volume lashes with a 2D effect or more, it will take longer.

With high-end eyelash extensions, the prescribed standards must be observed:

  • If a client only wants to achieve a small effect, the eyelash artist needs about 90 minutes.
  • A full Classic Set takes about 90 to 120 minutes.
  • A 2D eyelash extension takes about 120-150 minutes.
  • 3D eyelash extensions are achieved after 150-180 minutes.
  • The longest and most difficult process are Russian mega-volume eyelashes. This can take more than 180 minutes.

The time of the treatment depends on the eyelash stylist. An experienced one can be faster. However, it is very important that each natural lash is filled with an extension.

In addition to a new set of eyelashes, the customer also needs refill appointments. A refill usually needs to be made every three to four weeks. During this time, natural eyelashes fall out and others grow back. The eyelash stylist removes broken eyelashes, fills in gaps and replaces them with new ones. On average, an eyelash fill appointment takes about an hour.


  1. First, the skin is degreased, the eyelashes are washed and prepared with a primer.

  2. Choose what material, length, diameter and style of eyelash extensions work best for the client.

  3. Eye pads separate the lower lashes from the upper ones. Our eye pads are very comfortable because they have a cooling effect on the skin.

  4. The eyelash extension is dipped into the glue using tweezers and attached to the natural hair. The eyelash stylist repeats this process many times.

  5. When all the lashes are in place, the stylist will check the lash line with a mirror if all the lashes are in the correct position. Then the eyelashes are dried with a fan.

On average, the procedure takes up to 3 hours or more, depending on the style. After the procedure, the client must follow certain rules for the care of eyelash extensions, so that they look beautiful for a long time.

Tip: The client spends a lot of time on the treatment table. The lounger and pillow should be very comfortable. This is the only way for the eyelash stylist to work quickly and with concentration.

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