Oil-based products and eyelash extensions?

Love your eyelash extensions and want to make sure they last as long as possible? At Conny Lashes, we understand your concerns and want to provide you with important information on how to properly use oil-based products to protect your eyelash extensions.

In this comprehensive article, you'll learn everything you need to know about using oil-based products with eyelash extensions. Dive in and discover the best tips and tricks to ensure the long-lasting effect of your eyelash extensions!

Oil Based Products and Eyelash Extensions - What you should know

Using oil-based products in conjunction with eyelash extensions can cause problems as oil can affect the adhesion of the glue. Therefore, it's important to understand which products are oil-based and how to use them properly to avoid potential damage to your eyelash extensions. At Conny Lashes we want to make sure you get the most out of your eyelash extensions, so we've put together some important tips for you.

Overview: Avoid oil-based products

To best care for your eyelash extensions and extend their life, it is advisable to avoid oil-based products. This includes:

Oil based makeup remover

Instead, use an oil-free makeup remover designed specifically for eyelash extensions.

Oil based eye creams

When choosing your eye cream, make sure you choose an oil-free variety so as not to interfere with the eyelash extensions.

Oil based mascara

Don't use oil-based mascara as it can interfere with the adhesion of the lash glue. Instead, choose a water-based mascara or a mascara specially formulated for eyelash extensions.

The right care for eyelash extensions

Aside from avoiding oil-based products, there are other important care tips to keep your eyelash extensions in tip-top shape:

Regular brushing

Brush your lashes daily with a special lash brush to prevent tangles and keep them in shape.

Be careful when cleaning

Gently clean your eyelash extensions with an eyelash shampoo or mild cleaning solution.

Avoid excessive rubbing

Do not rub or pull strongly on your eyelash extensions as this can damage them. Be extra careful when drying your face.

Sleep on your back

Try sleeping on your back to prevent your eyelash extensions from being pinched or bent. If you sleep on your side, use a special eyelash pad to reduce friction.

Avoid excess moisture

Avoid direct contact with excessive moisture, such as prolonged immersion in water or visiting steam rooms or saunas. This can affect the adhesion of the glue.

Professional care and refill appointments

To ensure that your eyelash extensions are always in the best condition, it is advisable to have regular professional care and touch-up appointments with your eyelash stylist. The can check your lash extensions for freshness, remove damaged lashes, fill in gaps and add new lashes to maintain the full look you want.

Proper use of oil-based products with eyelash extensions

Proper use of oil-based products with eyelash extensions is crucial to ensure their durability and quality. Avoid oil-based products like makeup removers, eye creams, and mascara, and opt for oil-free alternatives instead. Also make sure that you take care of it and make regular appointments for refilling and professional care.

Now you have all the information you need to optimally care for your eyelash extensions and extend their durability. Enjoy your breathtaking look and feel beautiful every day with Conny Lashes!

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