Recommendations for storing and caring for eyelash tools

The workplace of an eyelash stylist must always be clean. The same applies to the eyelash tools used. Here you will find all information on storage and care.


# 1

It is important never to forget about disinfection and sterilization after each customer. Always follow the cleaning process and steps.


The eyelash tools should always be in good condition.


We recommend protecting the surfaces from abrasive loose and abrasive substances.


The eyelash tools should not be placed in rooms with high humidity.


It is important that the eyelash tweezers close perfectly. This should be checked regularly. Otherwise the working time suffers.


To protect the closing and sharp-edged parts of the eyelash tool, special covers should be used.


Protect the tool from falls and bumps. This can lead to deformation of the tips.

# 8th

Keep those

eyelash tool in a safe, closed place. Proper and regular care of the eyelash tools ensures their long service life and pleasant use. For perfect storage of the eyelash glue, we recommend our storage box.


Always follow the steps of eyelash tool sterilization:

  1. disinfection
  2. Cleaning before sterilization
  3. sterilization

This process should be performed after each use. The procedure is also necessary before starting work with new eyelash instruments.

According to one customer, the instrument must be cleaned of residue and completely immersed in a disinfectant solution.

Conny Lashes tip: Avoid washing tools under running water to avoid spreading infectious agents through splashes. After the disinfection procedure, the instrument must be rinsed with water to remove residual disinfectant solution and to dry the instrument completely.


Sterilization works as follows:

  1. Physical (steam, air)
  2. chemical

Appropriate sterilization equipment is used for each method. The chemical process is used to sterilize thermally unstable items by completely immersing them in a solution.

Conny Lashes tip: When sterilizing at high temperatures, disinfectant residues or even just water can lead to the formation of rust. During sterilization, the maximum permissible temperature must not be exceeded or the sterilization time extended. Such measures lead to a reduction in the corrosion resistance of the steel from which the eyelash tool is made.

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