Refill eyelash extensions: costs, tips and important information

As an experienced lash stylist, you know that regular refills of lash extensions are essential to maintain your client's perfect lash curl. In this article we give you useful tips and information on the topic of "refill eyelash extensions costs". Learn how to calculate your prices correctly, how to increase the value of your service and how to offer your customers transparent pricing.

Refill eyelash extensions costs: why is refilling important?

  • Preserve lash fullness and fullness: Refilling replaces outgrown or lost extensions to maintain the full and thick look.

  • Extension of durability: Regular refilling allows the eyelash extensions to last longer because they are kept in optimal condition.

Refill eyelash extensions - how are the costs calculated?

Expenditure of time

The time required is an important factor when calculating the costs. The time required varies depending on how many extensions need to be filled. Also consider the speed and experience you have as an eyelash stylist.

Material costs

The cost of the materials needed, such as extensions, glue, and pads, should be factored into the total cost. Make sure you use quality products to get the best result.

Location and competition

Prices may vary depending on location and competition. Research the prices of other eyelash stylists in your area to offer competitive prices.

Filling up eyelash extensions costs

Topping up Eyelash Extensions Cost: Pricing Tips

  • Transparency: Be transparent with your customers and explain the value of your service to them. Explain that padding is essential to get the look you want and that it involves the time and cost of materials.

  • Bundles and Discounts: Offer bundle deals or discounts to regular customers to reward their loyalty and incentivize regular refills.

  • Additional Services: Offer additional services like a quick massage or eye mask during refills to improve customer service and add value.

Topping up eyelash extensions Costs: The benefits of regular top-ups

Longer wearing comfort

Regular refilling ensures that the eyelash extensions remain comfortable to wear, as they do not become too heavy or uncomfortable.

Time and money savings

When customers have regular refills, less time and materials are required to maintain the desired look. This ultimately saves them time and money.

Healthier lashes

The natural eyelashes are protected by the timely refilling. If clients wait too long to fill in, the extensions can become tangled or stress the natural lashes.

Top up eyelash extensions costs: Important care tips for your customers

  • Gentle cleaning: Recommend your clients to gently clean their eyelash extensions with a mild detergent. This will help remove impurities and extend the life of the extensions.

  • Avoiding Oils and Fatty Products: Explain to your clients that they should avoid oil-based products like makeup removers, creams, and lotions in the area of ​​eyelash extensions. These can weaken the adhesive and cause the extensions to fail more quickly.

  • Gentle Brushing: Advise clients to gently comb their lashes with a clean lash brush to avoid tangles and maintain an even appearance.

Refilling eyelash extensions costs: Frequently asked questions

How often should eyelash extensions be refilled?

Recommend your clients to have their eyelash extensions refilled every three to four weeks to maintain their optimal look.

What if customers wait too long to refill?

Explain that waiting too long can result in too many extensions going down and a full reset may be required. Encourage your clients to schedule appointments regularly for best results.

Refill eyelash extensions costs?

Regularly replenishing eyelash extensions is vital to maintaining the look and staying power you desire. As an eyelash stylist, you can educate your clients about the cost and value of augmentation and give them important grooming tips.

By being transparent and offering quality services, you can gain the trust of your customers and build a long-term relationship. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends to offer your customers the best possible experience.

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