The best studios for eyelash extensions in Linz

Eyelash extensions put the eye in the limelight and provide the so-called WOW effect. When it comes to the best eyelash extensions in the capital of Upper Austria, you should do some research in advance and check which eyelash stylist can best meet your expectations. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of popular stylists in Linz.


At the Beauty Lounge in Linz you can get eyelash extensions at fair prices. The studio is very informal and great attention is paid to the well-being of the customer. A big benefit of the Beauty Lounge is that they always have promotions for customers from time to time.



The studio has already collected many positive reviews and stands for quality in eyelash extensions. The team is very flexible and offers individual lashes as well as 3D lashes. The cosmetic studio is in a very good location and is easy to reach.



Enjoyed a treatment at Sigrun once and never went anywhere else. These are the customer opinions for the Studio Bella Meda. The women rave about the longevity of the eyelash extensions and the perfectionism. The cosmetic studio is in an ideal location in Linz and Sigrun is happy about every new customer.



No wish is left unfulfilled at the beauty sleep institute. The loving team tries very hard to fulfill every customer request 100% and the eyelash extension work speaks for itself. In a relaxed atmosphere you can lean back and relax while your eyelashes are beautifully styled. It is definitely worth stopping by here.



The owner Haoi is a master in her field. Here you get your lashes on fleek and nothing is left to be desired. It doesn't matter whether it's classic eyelashes or mega volume eyelashes - your ideas will be implemented here to perfection. The careful and precise work speaks for itself. What are you waiting for?


Linz has long been known not only for the delicious Linzer cake. There are many excellent eyelash stylists in this vibrant city. The techniques have developed significantly and it is now possible to create the right eyelash look for every eye. With the different materials as well as curls, lengths and thicknesses, you can conjure up distinctive eyelash extensions. Find the best eyelash studio in town for you and you will love your lashes like many other beauty-loving women in Linz.

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