This is how you create the perfect doll eye eyelash extension look

Nowadays there are many beauty treatments that help women to look gorgeous without much effort. Eyelash extensions help women save not only time but also money on makeup. There are many different types of eyelash extension styles. In this article we will focus on the doll eye eyelash extension look. The eyes appear visually larger - the look becomes more open and seductive.


With this method, eyelashes can be made long and beautiful, like cute Barbie dolls. They are called "doll eyes" because the lash style looks like doll lashes. Different lengths of eyelash extensions are used to achieve this result. From the outside it has the effect that mascara has already been applied to the eyelashes. It will take a long time to achieve the same effect with cosmetics. In the middle of the eyelid, the length is usually 12 mm, towards the corners of the eye it is 8 mm. Thus, it is possible to keep the naturalness. However, the doll eye effect is not suitable for all clients. There are restrictions that the eyelash stylist must inform the client about in advance. With a professional stylist, however, the eyelashes can look completely natural.


The "Doll Eye" style makes the face more expressive. A professional eyelash stylist with high-quality eyelash extensions can create a clean result that is not very noticeable. The longest extensions are in the center of the eye, while the shorter ones are along the edges. Here you will find a professional Doll Eye Lashes Lash Mapping:

  1. The eyelash stylist divides the eye into five zones. All zones include mixed lengths of eyelash extensions. The easiest way is to draw the zones on the eye pad.
  2. The work begins in the inner corner of the eye. This part is filled with the shortest eyelash extensions. The length of the eyelashes gently increases to the middle of the eye. Many professional eyelash artists use lengths of 8 to 12mm.
  3. The lengths up to the middle of the eye increase up to 12 mm. The chosen lengths always depend on the length of the customer's natural eyelashes.
  4. The last section is very important for a clean job. The same eyelash lengths are used here as on the inner corner (shortest length 8mm). The transition should be smooth so that the lash line looks 100% natural.

When the work is finished, there should be a neat row of lashes, in which the length increases towards the center of the eye and slightly decreases at the edges.

doll eye lash mapping


When modeling the eye, the stylist first looks at the shape of the client's eyes. Everything plays an important role, including the depth of the eyes and the corners of the eyes. Doll Eye Lashes are best for the following clients:

  • Women with wide-set eyes. They help to make the eyes appear classically more beautiful.
  • Many customers choose such a style of eyelashes before going on vacation. So that they do not waste time on makeup during the holidays.
  • Beautiful doll eye lashes with a playful curl will definitely appeal to young and self-confident customers.
  • Women who like to go to parties and special occasions.
  • Celebrities who are in the public eye often opt for doll eye lashes.

This effect is unsuitable for clients with bulging and almond-shaped eyes. Doll eye lashes are also not recommended for clients with small eyes or drooping outer corners of the eyes.


This style of eyelash extensions can be made through many different techniques. It depends on the natural lashes and client's desires.

Classic Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions: This technique is the most natural. An extension is glued onto a natural eyelash.

2D volume lashes: Eyelash extensions with doll eye volume are a good option to achieve a quick effect. In this case, two extensions are glued to one natural eyelash. It is not suitable for clients with naturally thin and weak eyelashes.

3D volume lashes: This is the most popular option. Three extensions are attached to one eyelash. The lash stylist must analyze the client's lashes before beginning. Heavy extensions have a negative effect on the natural eyelashes. They can become brittle and fall out. The following applies: safety first! The customer's eyelashes must be strong for the 3D Lashes Look.

Conny Lashe's tip: Apply Classic Lashes if you are unsure about the condition of the client's lashes. It allows to change the appearance, but the natural lashes are not affected.


The following materials can be used:

  • Silk eyelashes have a glossy sheen. The extensions look natural. Eyelash stylists choose this type of eyelashes because of the unique deep look.
  • Mink lashes are light and fine synthetic hair. Their structure and density are very similar to natural eyelashes.
  • Cashmere eyelashes are among the finest materials. They are very popular.

The names of the material types have nothing to do with silk, mink or cashmere. They are a symbol of the density and texture of synthetic hair. The beauty industry uses a similar classification to describe the properties of false eyelashes.

doll lash extensions

Natural materials can cause allergies. Doll eye lash looks are achieved with synthetic fibers as they are much safer. In order to achieve a fluffy doll eye effect, you should focus on the eyelash extension materials described above. They give naturalness and expressiveness.


The curl chosen plays an important role in an eyelash set. A good stylist will always tell you that the stronger the parameters, the greater the load on natural lashes. If the right curl is chosen, you are on the safe side as the shape of the eyes will be professionally corrected.

C CURL LASHES c curl lashes

This is a medium bend that has a nice lift from the side. It's perfect for clients who prefer an irresistible lash look. In many cases they are used for Classic Doll Eye lashes.

CC CURL LASHES cc curl lashes

The difference between this option and the previous one is the more dramatic bend. It's not a bad option for customers with glasses. With this wonderful extension, the look can look unique.

D CURL LASHES d curl lashes

D Curl Lashes are the most attractive option for clients who prefer voluminous doll eye lashes. The sweep perfectly conceals wide-set eyes and even downgrown lashes. This option can radically change the perception of a woman's face.


The process scheme is always the same. But it depends on the technology. On average, the working time for classic Doll Eye lashes is up to two hours. With 2D or 3D volume techniques, the time increases up to three hours.


Like any other style of eyelash extensions, the doll eye effect has its advantages that every stylist should know about.

Advantages of doll eyelashes:

  • Doll eye eyelash extensions provide an attractive look
  • It is possible to correct certain eye shapes
  • Many different volume eyelash techniques can be chosen
  • They create an open-eye effect
  • Clients don't feel the lashes when they are properly applied
  • No makeup required
  • Customers who have tried Doll Eye eyelash extensions for the first time feel like royalty after the treatment
  • They ensure a dense volume eyelash look

doll eyelash extensions lash map


Sometimes it is not recommended to offer Doll Eye Lashes.

  • It is forbidden for customers with eye problems. This includes, for example, conjunctivitis.
  • In the case of customers with too brittle and weakened natural eyelashes, eyelashes that are too long and thick should not be glued on.
  • Clients whose eyelashes are falling out for unknown reasons should not have eyelash extensions applied.
  • We do not recommend doll eye eyelash extensions during pregnancy.


In order to keep the "doll effect" of eyelash extensions longer, they need to be properly cared for:

  1. We recommend combing the eyelash extensions every morning. You can use your usual cosmetics without restrictions, but oil-free mascara is preferable. It is much easier to rinse off than waterproof and does not stick the eyelash extensions.
  2. You should not swim in the pool or go to the sauna for the first three days after the treatment. After a few days, you can do all water activities normally.
  3. Greasy creams and other oily substances should not get on the eyelashes.
  4. Make-up removal should be done with a special cleanser.
  5. We do not recommend rubbing your eyes, as this can negatively affect the adhesive composition.

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