Tips for eyelash extension preparation

So you've decided to treat yourself to stunning eyelash extensions. Congratulations! In order to achieve the best possible result and to keep your eyelash extensions as long as possible, thorough preparation is essential. In this article I will give you all the important steps and tips for eyelash extension preparation.

  • Find an experienced eyelash stylist: Before you start preparing, it is important to find a qualified and experienced eyelash stylist. Search for recommendations or check reviews of different studios. After all, you want to be in the hands of a professional who knows the right techniques and uses high-quality materials.

  • Let your stylist know what you want: When preparing, it's important to let your stylist know what result you want. Do you want a natural look or do you prefer a dramatic effect? By clearly communicating your preferences, the stylist can choose the right length, curvature and thickness of the eyelash extensions.

  • Prepare your own eyelashes: Before eyelash extensions, it is advisable to thoroughly clean your own eyelashes. Remove any eye makeup and make sure your lashes are free of oil, dirt, and mascara. Use a gentle eye make-up remover and clean your eyelashes with a special eyelash cleaner or a mild baby shampoo solution.

  • Avoid Using Oily Products: Oily products can affect the adhesion of the eyelash extensions. Make sure not to apply any oil-based cleansers or grooming products prior to treatment. Instead, use oil-free products to ensure your lashes are clean and free of residue.

  • Avoid wearing contact lenses: If you normally wear contact lenses, it is advisable to remove them before eyelash extensions. This makes the stylist's job easier and reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort during the treatment.

  • Plan enough time: eyelash extensions require time and patience. Make sure you allow enough time for the treatment to get the best result. Typically, a full eyelash extension session lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours. Also, allow extra time for any refill appointments.

  • Avoid caffeine or stimulant drinks: On the day of treatment, it is advisable to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee or energy drinks. These can cause your eyes to be fidgety, making the stylist's job more difficult. Instead, drink enough water to stay hydrated and keep your eyes relaxed.

  • Come to the appointment without mascara: In order to ensure optimal adhesion of the eyelash extensions, you should avoid mascara on the day of the treatment. Mascara can leave residue on lashes that can affect adhesion. If you still want to use mascara, check with your stylist beforehand and use a water-based, non-waterproof formula.

  • Relax during the treatment: You can sit back and relax during the eyelash extensions. Close your eyes and let the stylist do his job. Use this time to relax, meditate, or listen to an audio book or your favorite music. A calm and relaxed atmosphere contributes to a pleasant experience.

  • Caring for your eyelashes after the treatment: After eyelash extensions, it is important to properly care for your eyelashes in order to prolong their life. Avoid direct contact with water or steam for the first 24 hours and do not use oil-based makeup removers or cleansing products. Brush your lashes regularly with an eyelash brush to keep them in shape and prevent tangles.

Those were my tips for preparing eyelash extensions. By following these steps you can be sure that your eyelash extensions will last and you will be rewarded with a stunning result. If you have any further questions or need assistance, I'm happy to help!

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