Why vitamin E is good for eyelash growth

Natural eyelashes, like hair on the head, require careful care. Eyelashes are often put under a lot of strain, especially when using cosmetics and extensions. It is important that natural eyelashes are healthy and strong. Vitamin E can contribute to this.

Why is vitamin E good for eyelashes?

Vitamin E for eyelashes strengthens hair follicles and stimulates their growth. The first results become visible after 10 days of use. The individual hairs become stronger and longer - new eyelashes appear.

Where to buy vitamin E for eyelashes?

Vitamin E can be purchased at any pharmacy at an affordable price.

Instructions: How to use Vitamin E for eyelashes

Taking it is quick and easy:

  1. Remove makeup and dirt from eyelashes

  2. Pierce the vitamin capsule with a needle

  3. Squeeze liquid vitamin E for eyelashes onto a brush or brush

  4. Distribute the liquid on the lower and upper lashes

If eyelids swell frequently, blot eyelashes with a gentle cloth 1 hour after applying the vitamin. This will prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes.

How long should you treat eyelashes with vitamin E?

The procedure for using vitamin E should be repeated every day at bedtime for 30 days. After finishing treatment, take a break of at least 1 month. Full and strong eyelash results will be visible after the first few days.

Castor oil and vitamin E for eyelashes

Castor oil contains vitamins A and E as well as saturated fatty acids. If eyelashes are particularly brittle, sparse and weakened, be sure to use it. The oil regenerates the eyelash hair, moisturizes it, makes it thicker and stronger.

Where to buy castor oil for eyelashes?

Castor oil for eyelash care can be purchased at the pharmacy in a compact bottle. It is also available in tubes. Castor oil is often sold together with a brush for eyelash care.

Instructions: Castor oil for eyelashes

The oil should be applied as follows:

  1. Take a mascara brush

  2. Apply oil to the brush: The easiest way is to pick it up with a pipette and then distribute the oil carefully.

  3. Apply the oil to the lashes from the middle to the tips. This is how you provide a vitamin boost for your eyelashes.

1.5-2 hours after application, the remaining oil must be removed from the eyelashes with a dry cotton pad.

Conny Lashes tip: There are different variations in preparation. You can also add almond oil to castor oil. The mixture ensures an even greater effect on eyelashes. The oils are mixed together in the same proportions in a container. It is important that both oils are thoroughly mixed together. The liquid can then be applied to the eyelashes.

How often should you apply castor oil to eyelashes?

The oil should be applied daily in the evening for 2-3 weeks. When you get up in the morning, you should wash your face with warm water.

Conny Lashes tip: If oil accidentally gets on the skin, it must be removed immediately with a cotton pad to prevent swelling. You should also not apply too much oil to a cotton swab or leave the liquid on overnight - this can also cause the eyelids to swell.

With our vitamin E tips for eyelashes, even the weakest hairs become stable and firm again.

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