Volume eyelash extensions: expert tips and tricks

Whether you opt for a natural and subtle volume look or for a dramatic and glamorous appearance, volume eyelash extensions offer you countless possibilities to beautify your eyelashes and boost your self-confidence.

What is volume eyelash extensions?

volume eyelash extensions

With volume eyelash extensions, several fine eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash to achieve a fuller and more voluminous look. In contrast to classic eyelash extensions, where a single eyelash extension is attached to a natural eyelash, the volume technique uses several eyelash extensions to create a fascinating 3D effect.

Where can I get volume eyelash extensions done?

You can have eyelash extensions done in specialized eyelash studios or by experienced eyelash stylists. It is important to choose a qualified and experienced studio as the volume technique requires advanced technique.

What volume eyelash extensions are there?

There are different types that can produce different effects. Here are some popular options:

  • 2D-3D Volume: With this technique, two to three eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash to achieve a natural yet voluminous look.

  • 4D-6D Volume: This technique uses four to six lash extensions per natural lash, creating an intense and dramatic effect. Ideal for special occasions or for those who prefer an eye-catching look.

  • Mega Volume: With the Mega Volume technique, up to 10 or more eyelash extensions are used per natural eyelash to achieve an extremely voluminous and glamorous look. This look is particularly suitable for those who want maximum volume and a "wow" effect.

Who is suitable for volume eyelash extensions?

A volume eyelash extension is suitable for almost everyone who wants to achieve a fuller and more voluminous eyelash look. However, it is important that your natural lashes are healthy and strong enough to support the extra weight of the lash extensions. An experienced eyelash stylist will examine your eyelashes before the treatment and assess whether you are suitable for eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension volume

Different looks

A volume eyelash extension offers you a variety of looks that you can choose depending on your preferences and occasions:

natural volume

With 2D-3D volume technique you can achieve a natural but voluminous look. This is ideal for everyday wear or when you want a subtle effect.

Dramatic volume

You can achieve a dramatic and eye-catching look with 4D-6D volume or mega volume technique. This is perfect for special occasions or when you want to make your lashes stand out.

Why volume eyelash extensions improve the look

Eyelash extensions can significantly improve your appearance and give you an attractive eye-catcher. Here are some reasons why eyelash extensions are so popular:

  • Fuller Appearance: Applying multiple eyelash extensions to one natural lash will make your lashes more voluminous and thicker, making your eyes appear more striking and expressive.

  • Longer durability: They have a longer durability compared to classic eyelash extensions. They can last for several weeks, so you can enjoy your voluminous look for a long time.

  • Time saving: With a volume eyelash extension you save time in the daily make-up ritual. You can do without mascara and eyelash curlers and still enjoy a fascinating eyelash look.

The art of precise manual work

Volume lash extensions are a great option for adding volume and fullness to your lashes. You can choose between different techniques and looks to emphasize your personal style.

Find a qualified lash salon or experienced lash stylist in your area for best results. Volume eyelash extensions can greatly improve your appearance and give you a charming look. Try it out and enjoy the breathtaking effect of voluminous eyelashes!

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