What are eyelash extensions made of?

As experienced eyelash stylists, we know that eyelash extensions are an essential part of our work. But what are eyelash extensions made of? In this article we will take a look behind the scenes and tell you what materials eyelash extensions are made of. Learn more about the different options and find out which one suits your customers best!

Synthetic eyelash extensions: longevity and variety

One of the most common materials used in eyelash extensions is synthetic fiber. These false eyelashes are usually made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a high quality plastic.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are characterized by their durability and offer a wide variety of lengths, curvatures and thicknesses. They are perfect for clients who want a bold, glamorous look.

Silk eyelash extensions: naturalness and softness

For clients who prefer a more natural look, silk eyelash extensions are an excellent choice. These eyelashes are made of fine silk fibers and are particularly soft and light. Silk eyelash extensions give the eyelashes an elegant and natural look. They are ideal for everyday use or for customers with sensitive eyes.

Human hair eyelash extensions: naturalness of the highest quality

Real hair eyelash extensions offer a perfect solution for customers who want maximum naturalness.

What are eyelash extensions made of? These eyelashes are made from high-quality human hair and can hardly be distinguished from natural eyelashes. They are soft, lightweight and offer an incredibly natural look. Human hair eyelash extensions can be combed, curled and even tinted to achieve the desired look.

Vegan-friendly options: faux mink and faux silk

If your customers value vegan products, you can recommend faux mink and faux silk options. What are eyelash extensions made of? Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions are made from synthetic fibers that resemble mink hair in appearance, but are made without any animal-based ingredients.

Faux-silk eyelash extensions offer a similar look to silk eyelashes, but are also vegan-friendly. These options allow your clients to uphold their ethical values ​​without sacrificing quality eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions made of - your customers have the choice

Dear eyelash stylists, now you know the different materials from which eyelash extensions are made. From synthetic fibers to silk to human hair and vegan-friendly options, there's a choice to suit every taste and style.

Advise your customers according to their needs and wishes and help them to achieve breathtaking eyelashes. Remember that the quality of the eyelash extensions and a professional application are crucial to achieve a perfect result. Inspire your customers with your knowledge of the different materials and create unforgettable eyelash looks!

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What are eyelash extensions made of

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