Poor quality eyelash extensions

A beautiful eyelash set that makes the eyes look radiant and charming. Everyone wants that. However, many women have to face a very different reality after completing their eyelash extension appointment. Irritation, sticky eyelashes sticking out in different directions, clumps of glue on the eyelashes or irritation of the eyelids. This is just a small list of poor quality eyelash extensions.


Eyelash extensions are a big trend. Looking good without makeup is every woman's dream. The popularity of this particular beauty service is increasing every year. This is the reason for bad quality eyelash extensions. Some see big money. A person without special training and experience can declare themselves an eyelash stylist. These people believe they learn everything from videos on the internet after practicing on friends. Unfortunately, licenses are not required in the field of eyelash extensions in most parts of the world. Many then immediately start working from home. Therefore, both professional specialists working with high-quality materials and amateurs who want to make money without the appropriate experience, skills and knowledge offer their services.

Conny Lashe's tip: If you want a professional extension, then you need to go to a professional.


Low prices are not what you are looking for. Watch out for low prices!

A good eyelash stylist with a large client list and expensive premium materials will never set a low price for their work.

Conny Lashe's tip: Never look for cheap eyelash services or you will most likely not get what you are looking for.


Don't be afraid to ask questions before choosing an eyelash stylist. A degree of professionalism can often be derived from this. Which eyelash extension technique? Which materials are used? How long will the treatment take? We've found offers online from stylists who believe a whole new set only takes 1 hour.

Check out portfolios and reviews. But don't expect them to be 100% accurate. Personal recommendations from friends are the best decision-making tool for someone.

Pay attention to the eyelash stylist's workplace. This says a lot about how an eyelash stylist works. All eyelash tools should be clean and go through the necessary sterilization steps. Don't hesitate to ask questions about it. It's about your health!


First, you need to be comfortable with your eyelash extensions. There should be no pain, tightness, burning, tingling. You may experience an unusual feeling in the first hour, but you will quickly get used to the new lashes. They will feel like natural eyelashes in a short time.

Second, all eyelashes should be separated from each other. Each natural eyelash with one or more artificial hairs attached to it must be autonomous. Eyelash stylists who want to get their job done quickly don't bother too much with this tidy job.

Conny Lashe's tip: If the job is poorly done and there is too much glue on the lashes, ask for them to be removed quickly. Such poor adhesion is not only a problem for the appearance of the eyelashes, but also a significant harm to your health. Bad quality eyelash extensions must be removed immediately!


A perfect eyelash extension is not difficult to spot.

  • Each artificial eyelash should be attached to a natural eyelash, keeping a distance of 0.5-1.0mm from the eyelid.
  • Each extension should be glued to the base of the lashes.
  • You shouldn't feel any itching, discomfort, or tingling.
  • The lash line should look clean and fluffy.
  • The glued extensions should not burn the eyelids.

Conny Lashe's tip: Natural eyelashes fall out every day (approx. up to 5 eyelashes). This is not a sign of poor quality eyelash extensions. Don't worry about it. It's the normal hair cycle. Ask for refill appointments every 3-4 weeks and you will always be satisfied with your professional eyelash extensions.

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