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An eyelash artist's work is as good as his eyelash tool. The eyelash tweezers are designed to help you every day. They literally accompany you through thick and thin. That is why it is important that you work with the best eyelash extension tweezers. There is no one size fits all tweezer. Be sure to choose a pair of tweezers that feels best in your hands and is appropriate for the technique you want to use. Our eyelash tweezers are hand filled and made from the finest materials to ensure they meet your needs and desires. We offer you a wide range of eyelash curlers best suited to the different types of applications you may need. The tips of the eyelash tweezers are what make them so professional and unique. Explore our variety of tweezers by the shape of their precision locking tips. What makes our eyelash tools so accessible? Our stainless tweezers are lightweight and reduce hand fatigue. The grip and weight make them one of the best eyelash extension tweezers on the market. Our eyelash extension tweezers have been tested and approved by eyelash experts. Each eyelash extension tweezers is checked for quality before we send them out. Try our classic eyelash extension tweezers, curved volume tweezers, mega volume lash tweezers or straight shaped lash tweezers for isolation.

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