How to work with an eyelash extension glue in the summer heat?

The result of a quality eyelash extension job depends on the climate in the working room. Temperature and humidity during the treatment directly affect the polymerization process of the adhesive composition. In this article, we've put together tips for working with adhesive during the hot periods.

The essence of the problem

Many people recommend changing their usual eyelash extension glue to a slower drying one, but slower does not always help in the summer heat. High room temperatures affect the performance of the adhesive and that does not allow a drop of glue to remain liquid for the prescribed time (up to 20 to 30 minutes). Too thick glue does not penetrate grooves of the eyelashes, as a result, it gets a bad grip and, as a result, the eyelashes will not hold well. It is necessary to control the conditions in the working room. A drop of glue will stay in a liquid state only by checking the humidity and temperatures.

What happens if the humidity in the eyelash room is not correct?

With dry air the adhesive will not polymerize as required. In the process of hardening, it absorbs moisture from the air.

At high humidity the eyelash extension glue will harden too quickly, even before the stylist has time to bring the artificial eyelash to the natural one. As a result, it will be attached to the glue, which is almost frozen. The customers eyelash extensions will fall off either immediately after extension in the process of combing, or a few days after the treatment. That is why you have to be careful with an eyelash extension glue in the summer heat.

Solution for best working results in the summer heat

Hygrometer for eyelash extensions

Be sure to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room with a hygrometer. This smart product will inform you about the temperature and humidity, especially in the summer heat. If both fit to the requirements of the adhesive, then the eyelash extension work will be great.

Humidifier and air conditioner

Many eyelash stylists like to work with high-quality climatic equipment. If you have an air conditioning in your working room, then this is very good, but remember that it makes the air dry. Therefore, we recommend a humidifier to compensate for this.

Regular airing of the working space in the summer heat

Ventilation will help to reduce the temperature in the room by a few degrees. Be sure to ventilate the room a few minutes before the client comes. We recommend ventilating the room before because it can influence the eyelash extensions glue during the work. Thick curtains can help that the room does not get too hot.

Cold stone for the eyelash glue

Many stylists often forget about this important tool. A cold stone retains a low adhesive drop temperature for a long time. An eyelash extension glue in the summer heat can work even better if the stone will be placed in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before work. It will keep an even lower temperature. The drop of glue will slowly evaporate and remain liquid and usable longer.

Perfect conditions of our eyelash extension glue

eyelash extension glue

Our popular eyelash extension glue works best in humidity between 48%-70% and temperature between 23°C-28°Cⅼ73°F-83°F. It has a drying time of 0,5 second and a retention time up to 8 weeks. It works very well in summer and in winter temperatures.

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