The happiness of Hollywood eyelash extensions

Women who have had this type of eyelashes call them absolute happiness. For many good reasons. They make the eyes super expressive and emphasize the depth of the look as much as possible. Seductive glances are guaranteed with this look.

What are Hollywood eyelash extensions?

Hollywood Eyelashes are a type of volume extensions, in which the stylist attaches several artificial hairs to one natural eyelash. The eyelash beams go from 4D to 6D lashes. The extensions are very light and thin, which allows to get an amazing volume. The wearing comfort is comfortable, if it is worked out professional.

How should Hollywood lashes look like?

A correct set of this type of eyelashes is smooth and sexy. Each extension gets attached in the right direction. The eyelash row should be even. Eyelashes should not glue together. A client should not feel any discomfort, tingling, itching. This is what a good job by a professional should be. Why build up 4-6 extensions at once? Does it look natural? Nature rarely gives women thick and fluffy eyelashes. The Hollywood effect cannot use any cosmetics. At the same time wearing a stunning spectacular look at any time of the day. Such a lash look is a good solution for a wedding, a party or other performance. The eyes will look simply breath-taking on every picture.

Hollywood eyelash extensions for everyday

Eyes with such an impressive style have deep captivating look, expressive bright eyes framed by fluffy and seductive eyelashes. Hollywood eyelash extensions feel the seductive power of eyelashes and attract the attention of the opposite sex. But they should be appropriate. It does not mean that there is no place for Hollywood extensions in everyday life. Just be aware that the eyes will be expressive and will certainly attract attention. But after all, many women strive for this effect by applying several layers of dark voluminous mascara.

Who is not suitable for Hollywood eyelash extensions?

Hollywood eyelashes are not suitable for everyone. Women with weak, too thin, brittle natural eyelashes should not get volume lashes. Natural eyelashes should be build-up with a lash serum before. Volume eyelash extensions should be done when they become strong and healthy. Otherwise, the natural eyelashes will suffer greatly and may fall out.

Which eyelash extensions should be used for Hollywood eyelash extensions?

There is a big choice of eyelash extension materials. We recommend using Mink Lashes or Cashmere Lashes. Both materials are very thin and lightweight. Eyelash extension strength 0.05 is best for this style. The lengths can be chosen from 7mm to 12mm depending on the length of the customer's natural lashes and desired look.

Where to buy eyelash extensions for Hollywood lashes?


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