How to create hybrid lashes like a pro

Eyelash extensions have become an indispensable part of the life of a modern woman. They make it possible to emphasize the look and make it unique. Especially the eyelash extension industry is always developing new trends that dictate a constant change in beauty. One of these special trends are hybrid lashes. The prototype of this style is the Hollywood star Kim Kardashian. Many eyelash stylists around the world create such eyelashes by attaching artificial hairs on natural eyelashes. If you want to know how to create the best hybrid lash extensions for your clients, then you should read this article.

What are hybrid eyelashes?

Hybrid eyelash extensions have a special charm and they became popular in 2016. The style looks as if individual eyelashes have grown more than others. Long applied extensions create the appearance of so-called "rays". It makes the eyelashes visually chaotic and multilevel. The space between them is selected depending on the client’s natural eyelashes and the desired effect. A full hybrid lash set gives volume to even the rarest eyelashes. In practice it is created with the 2D or 3D technique. The uneven length of the eyelashes enhances natural beauty by elegantly framing the eyes. The "Kim K eyelash extensions" effect can only be achieved by a master with certain skills and experience.

The scheme of the hybrid technique

There is no clear plan. Each eyelash stylist determines his own scheme. The condition of the client's eyelashes is very important. If the eyelashes are weak or sparse, it is better to take lightweight artificial hair.

The rays should be placed 3-5 mm from the outer edge of the eyelashes, along the entire ciliary row every 2-4 mm. The less often the rays are placed, the less pronounced the effect.

If the main eyelash extension length is defined as a smooth transition from 8 to 12 mm and back to 8, the rays should be defined with 10 mm at the outer corner. The transition up to 13 mm to the middle and back to 10 mm to the inner corner. In the corners themselves, you can reduce the length to 9 mm and smoothly finish the extension with the main length.

In building up the wispy hybrid lashes effect, you can also use a combined volume, the main thing is that the rays are the same over the entire area of the eye.

hybrid eyelashes

2D and 3D volume for Kim K eyelash extensions

You can achieve the best effect with 2D and 3D volume eyelashes. At 4D and mega volume, the rays will not look good. They will simply be lost in the array of the lash line.

What is the best thickness for hybrid lash extensions?

We recommend using 0.05 to 0.10 diameters. The rays should be of the same thickness. If the client’s eyelashes allow, you can take a thicker synthetic material. Even one ray can mess the entire work up.

thickness hybrid lashes

What is the best length for natural hybrid lashes?

Starting from the main length, the "rays" of the first row should be longer by 2 mm. The next rows by 3 mm. Just use the 2D and 3D eyelash extension technique. In no case should be used too thick eyelash extensions. Considering that in one ray there are already 2-3 hairs.

What are the best curls for hybrid eyelash extensions?

The curl is used in different ways, matching to the client’s eyes. Many eyelash stylists combine C and D Curls. They are used in different positions along the ciliary row, depending on the presence of lengthening to the outer corner of the eye.

c curl d curl hybrid lashes

Which eyelash extension material is the best for hybrid eyelashes?

We recommend using synthetic mink material. It is very light and has an attractive sheen. It suits perfect for 2D and 3D volume eyelashes.

mink lashes hybrid

Best Technique for natural hybrid lashes

  1. The natural eyelashes always grow chaotically in several layers. It is necessary to determine the lowest layer. Short extensions will be glued along the lowest one. On top of the ciliary row are glues long eyelash extensions.
  2. Glue the rays first. The rays (longer eyelash extensions) are glued symmetrical on the clients lash line. This saves time to compare and makes the result cleaner. In addition, applying the rays will shorten the working time. They are attached mainly to the top eyelash row, and it is more convenient for the client to clean the eyelashes from above than the eyelashes from below.
  3. Increase the length of the eyelashes to the outer edge of the eye. For example: Short eyelash extensions with 7 mm, reach 10 mm in the middle of the lash line and gradually decrease by a couple of millimetres towards the out corner. Long eyelashes get attached 3 mm longer than adjacent short ones, so that they also change in length.

Step by step guidance for a natural hybrid lashes work

Eyelash extensions with the "Kim K lashes" effect are very popular around the world. Here you will find a step by step guidance:

  • The eyelash stylist must analyse the structure of the client’s eyelashes.
  • The client lies down on in a comfortable position. It takes some time to do a new set of hybrid eyelash extensions. We recommend offering the client a blanket for feeling good.
  • The eyelashes need to be washed and prepared with a primer first. If this is not done, the eyelash extensions will not last a long time.
  • Hydrogel patches are fixed on the lower eyelids. Some stylists use tapes for best fixation. It prevents lashes from sticking together.
  • With one hand the extensions get separated with a tweezer. With the other hand shorter eyelash extensions get applied on the bottom row.
  • The synthetic hair should be applied to the natural eyelash at a distance of 1 mm from the eyelid.
  • After completing the entire lower layer in the ciliary row with short extensions, proceed with the upper row.
  • In any order, "rays" of longer extensions are glued in random order.
  • When the application process is finished, the eyelashes get combed to identify areas with empty lashes. Empty spaces get filled with eyelash extensions.
  • Finally, the patches get removed.

Pros and cons of hybrid lashes

The main advantage of hybrid lash extensions is to create a wonderful lash look.

The style has even more advantages:

  • A full set of hybrid lashes increase the length and density of eyelashes
  • Hybrid eyelashes give more freshness to tired eyes
  • Suitable for almost every eye shape
  • Wispy hybrid lashes hide overhanging eyelids
  • The client doesn’t need additional make-up
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions are suitably for any look (business look, sporty look, evening look)

Disadvantages of classic hybrid lashes:

  • The work can only be done by an experienced eyelash stylist
  • A hybrid lash set takes around three hours – the more expressive the effect, the longer it takes
  • Hybrid eyelashes are not suitable for client’s with small eyes
  • The longest eyelash extensions can break easily at the tips
  • Shorter eyelash effect in comparison to volume or classic eyelash styles

Hybrid set with color lashes

Colored eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular nowadays. A full set of hybrid lashes with contrasting colors looks very expressive. Many eyelash stylists use brown extensions for this technique. There are no limits to the color selection. It can be also applied blue and green extensions, and beams of bright neon colors.

color hybrid lashes

Who is suitable for "Kim K lashes"?

The style looks different on every eye. It suits best for clients with big eyes. If there is no overhanging eyelid, the result will be outstanding. We don’t recommend it for clients with small eyes. This technique is also not suitable for those who are not used to look striking.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment will take at least three hours.

How long does a new full set of hybrid lashes last?

Do not expect the result to last long. Due to the long length, artificial hairs peel off quickly, so correction may be required after two weeks.

Are there any contraindications for classic hybrid lashes?

Hybrid eyelash extensions have no contraindications. However, for women who wear glasses, long eyelashes of the "Kim Kardashian" effect create inconveniences - the rays popping out of the common eyelash row will abut against the glass, which will lead to fragility of their tips. The eyelash extensions should therefore never be too long.

Hybrid lash extensions care

The client gets professional advice after the work is completed. There are no differences compared to other techniques:

  1. They eyes shouldn’t get wet after the treatment. (24 hours)
  2. Sauna or swimming pools are not allowed until the glue is completely dry.
  3. Don’t damage the hybrid lash extensions while sleeping with the face on the pillow.
  4. Due to the eyelash volume and length, avoid rubbing the eyes.
  5. It’s better to use lenses until the glue is completely dried.
  6. Wash your face and brush the classic hybrid lashes daily.

A careful care of the hybrid lash extensions will extend the effect.

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