How to do 5D eyelash extensions like a pro

Every day, millions of women around the world make an appointment with a beautician to make their look brighter and more beautiful. One of them beauty treatments are eyelash extensions. Today we will talk about volume eyelash extensions. 5D eyelash extensions allow to create incredible volume and an attractive look in the shortest possible time. This type of service involves attaching five extensions to one natural eyelash and should be done by a professional eyelash stylist. If you want to become a pro in the 5D lashes technique, then you should continue reading.

What are 5D eyelash extensions?

This technique involves attaching five extensions to one natural eyelash. 5D eyelash extensions are a popular treatment that allow to create incredible volume and an attractive look in the shortest possible time. Due to the weight of the attached eyelash extensions, the procedure is not for every client. It should be just done by professional eyelash stylists.

5d lashes

Who is suitable for 5D lashes?

5D lash extensions make some changes in the appearance. Facial features visually change slightly, and the look becomes more open. The lash style is suitable for the following clients.

  • 5D lash extensions are suitable for clients who prefer the fox eye, cat eye, squirrel eye or doll eye lash look.
  • 5D volume lashes are ideal for women who are going to a photo shoot or an important celebration. They fit well to fancy dresses.
  • Clients with strong and long eyelashes.
  • Women who want to have a long-lasting eyelash effect.
  • 5D lashes are perfectly suitable for women with naturally expressive facial features.
  • For clients who like to attract attention. The eyelash look makes the eye area especially vivid.
  • Women who want to transform their appearance before an important event. The volume eyelash look fits very well to bright make-up.

Conny Lashes Tip: It is not recommended to apply 5D lashes for clients with naturally very thin and brittle eyelashes. There is a risk that they will not withstand the load and the eyelashes will break from the weight.

Which lengths should be used for 5D eyelash extensions?

The lengths can vary between 6-12 mm. Depending on the selected lash look, the lengths can be mixed.

Conny Lashes Tip: An extension should never be longer as 1/3 as the natural client’s eyelash.

Which thicknesses should be used for 5D lash extensions?

We recommend using eyelash extensions with diameters of 0,05 mm to 0,07 mm. Thanks to the uniform distribution of weight, such an extension with that diameters is comfortable and safe in everyday wear.

Which lash curls should be used for 5D eyelashes?

There are no restrictions in the degree of intensity of curls when doing 5D volume lashes. The eyelash stylist can use all kinds of lash curls when working with 5D volume lashes (C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M lash curls).

Which material should be used for 5D eyelash extensions?

We recommend using mink lashes (faux) or cashmere lashes for 5D lashes. Both materials are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can buy high quality eyelash extensions in our shop.

5d lash extensions

How long do 5D volume lashes last?

We recommend refill appointments after 3-4 weeks. Several factors can affect the durability.

  1. The after care
  2. Composition of cleansers and make-up removers (oily formulas are forbidden)
  3. Eyelash type, length, thickness and initial condition
  4. Natural eyelash cycle of eyelashes
  5. Contact with water, exposure to steam and high temperatures
  6. Eyelash extension products that are used for the treatment

The durability can also be negatively affected by unstable hormonal levels, taking medications. If the eyes are often watery (due to increased sensitivity, dry air, strong wind), then this will also shorten the wearing time.

Customers do not have to be concerned

5D eyelashes are made that the stylist attaches five extensions on one natural eyelash. Many customers have doubts about the safety of the treatment and the result. What we tell our clients: 5D eyelash extensions don’t tolerate amateurs. Learning to create that style requires courses, many hours of training and best materials. The result is worth it. Any client feels like a Hollywood star after the treatment. The eyes become bigger, brighter and more expressive. There is no risk, if a client goes to a professional eyelash stylist who analysis the structure of the natural eyelashes and applies extensions without health risks. The treatment has a lot to do with trust. Take away the customers fear and there will be no concerns.

care of eyelash extensions

Care of 5D lashes

An eyelash stylist wants just the best for a customer. There are some important rules, which will help for the longest lasting wearing.

  • On the first day after the treatment it is not recommended to get in contact with the extensions (drying time of the adhesive 24h). Water, gels or creams are forbidden. The eyes should be protected against moisture.
  • Oil-based products should not be used. Such a composition has an extremely destructive effect on the glue.
  • The use of a curling iron becomes unnecessary.
  • 5D volume lashes do not need decorative mascara. If a customer still wants to use it, we recommend not using waterproof mascara.
  • We don’t recommend sleeping with the face in the pillow. The eyelash extensions can break off.

Classic vs. 5D eyelashes

Both are techniques that emphasize the natural beauty of the look. They make the eyes brighter and more expressive without compromising the natural look.

In comparison to 5D lash extensions, the eyelash stylist uses thicker synthetic eyelashes when doing classic lashes. Both classic and 5D lashes do not overload the natural eyelash row, if they are done by an experienced eyelash stylist. The classic look has the effect that the eyelashes are tinted with ink.

They appear longer, darker and more curled. 5D eyelashes look thicker and create a wonderful volume.

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