How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Arizona

Eyelash extensions are a part of cosmetic makeup applied to enhance the thickness, length, and curl of natural eyelashes. Professionals of eyelash extensions are called lash artists, lash technicians, and lash stylists.

To acquire training and certificate, there are different requirements in each state of the United States. Here we will talk about Arizona.


To get a certificate of eyelash extensions in Arizona, you must have either an esthetician or cosmetologist license. To get the license, you have to go through the following procedure.


First, you have to complete a program in a cosmetology school located in Arizona. You must take 1450 hours of training during this program. 


After completing program, you can apply for license by submitting an application for examination along with following documents:

  • A passport-size photo
  • Graduate certificate from cosmetology program
  • A document that verifies you are a resident of the U.S.
  • $40 license fee


After applying, you can register online to take the practical and theory exams in Arizona. You can register through professional credentials services (PCS). The fee for both exams is $177 that you can pay via credit card. After receiving the required documents along with the fee, the board of cosmetology will inform PCS that you have qualified. You will be notified through email from PCS about the date of exams and instructions.

First, you have to take a practical exam. If you can’t appear in the practical exam, you will have to pay a fee again to reschedule the exam. You can take the written exam through the PSI exam. During business hours, you can contact to PSI rep at (1-800-733-9267) while in non-business hours you can contact the automated system.

For both practical and theory, you have to secure 75 scores. In case of failure in any of the exams, PCS will send you a report with details of your weaknesses and strengths. Furthermore the procedure about how can you reapply online. After passing both exams, you will receive your cosmetology license.


You must have to renew your license after one year. You will have to submit a renewal application along with the fee of $30.


Now you have your cosmetology license and you can easily get training in eyelash extensions. There are different in-person as well as online programs working in Arizona. You can get training from any of them which suits you.

If you have a busy agenda and cannot go outside the home for training then the online system is for you. You can learn from any location. If you are a hands-on learner, you can join in-person training. You will get a chance to learn more from experienced artists.

So dear ladies, if you are excited to get a certificate of eyelash extensions in Arizona, it’s time to move forward. Just get the license of cosmetology and attend a certificate program to become the world‘s best lash artist.

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