How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Texas

Everyone wants to look charming and attractive. Eyelash extensions increase the beauty of our eyes. These are the false eyelashes that are applied to our natural eyelashes to enlarge them. The application of these lashes is only done by a technician or artist.

If you are interested to become a technician of eyelashes extension in Texas, we will guide you every step. Every state has different requirements for getting the certificate of eyelashes extension. We will inform you about the Texas requirements for the certificate.


The first and foremost requirement for getting a certificate of eyelash extension training is the license of esthetician and cosmetology. You may also need a license for specialty eyelash extensions.


To apply for the license, you must have a diploma from high school or its equivalent degree. In case of not having a diploma, you can take a test of ability-to-benefit which is administered by a testing agency. Through this test, your ability is measured for training. For this, you can concern community colleges in your area for getting information about the ability-to-benefit tests.


You will have to enroll in a beauty school to apply for an eyelash extension certificate in Texas. This school issues the student permit in training. During training, it is mandatory to take 230 hours of instruction in an eyelash extension training program.


After going through the training requirements, you have to pass practical and written licensing exams to get your license. An email by the third-party vendor (PSI) will be sent to you for confirmation and instructions for the exams.


After passing the practical and written test, you can apply for an eyelash extension specialty license as well as a cosmetology license. . You can apply online or by email. You will have to submit the fee of $50 for the license. The fee is non-refundable. The age requirement for applying for the license is a minimum of 17 years. You must know that license of eyelash extension is valid for only 2 years from the issuing date. After this, you will have to renew it.


After having both licenses, you can apply for two courses in Texas.


Each course has 2 days of training by skilled and professional trainers. After completing the course and getting the certificate, you can enlist in the Lash Stylist Directory of Texas by bringing the clients to the salon. Now you have the chance to polish your skills. Promote your business and get benefitted from the latest techniques. For this, you can enroll in online education as well as advanced eyelash extension training.

eyelash extensions course texas

So, if you want to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Texas, set your schedule and follow the above-mentioned instructions. By getting a certificate you can run your own business by opening your salon and offering services to the clients.


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