How to prevent and treat red eyes after eyelash extensions

Sometimes a client suffers from red eyes after an eyelash extension treatment. This condition can be the result of various factors. Sometimes this side effect disappears on average in an hour, and sometimes it can be a harbinger of serious health problems. In this article, we will analyse the causes of eye redness after eyelash extensions. What are the visual differences between redness? What are the ways to eliminate redness and the cases when it is imperative to consult a doctor?

Why eyes can turn red after eyelash extensions

red eyes after lash extensions

The appearance of a slight reddening of the eyes after the completion of the work is an acceptable reaction. Active work was carried out in this area for several hours in a row, and all this time the eyes remained closed. Usually, such irritation is not accompanied by additional symptoms and disappears on its own after 2-3 hours. But there are other reasons why there are red eyes after eyelash extensions:

Irritation by eye pads

Redness of the eyes after the work can result from improper isolation of the lower eyelashes. If the pad is attached too close to the mucosa, it can cause irritations. If the client laughs or talks during the treatment, the eye pads may shift. This can cause irritation.

Bad work

If the stylist applies too much glue or does not separate the eyelashes with a microbrush during the treatment, they can stick together, stick out in different directions and scratch the mucous membrane.


Individual sensitivity is possible to any substances that are used during the work (glue, primer, degreaser, extensions...). It usually appears within 3-6 hours after the treatment, but never later than 24 hours.

Chemical burn

The fumes of the adhesive can contact the mucous membrane if the eyelash stylist does not properly cover the lower eyelash row or strongly raises the upper eyelid during the treatment. Vapors can also irritate the mucous membrane if the eyelids are not closed tightly enough during the treatment, or the customer opens his eyes. All that can cause red eyes after eyelash extensions.

Hypersensitivity of the mucous membrane of the eyes

For full polymerization of the glue, which is used to fix eyelash extensions, 24 hours are enough. During this time, clients with hypersensitive eyes may have redness. It can appear if the work gets performed with tightly closed eyelids.

Professional gluing

Correctly attached extensions should be glued at 0,5 - 1 mm from the eyelid skin. If the eyelash stylist attaches them directly to the skin of the eyelids or to the roots, the extensions can injure the mucous membrane.

First aid for eye redness

If the painful sensations are too strong or the redness after the treatment has not passed after 48 hours, it is better to contact an ophthalmologist. The doctor will determine the exact cause of redness and other symptoms and prescribe treatment.

In case of complications, the ophthalmologist will most likely recommend removing the eyelash extensions. This should be done by the eyelash stylist who did the work. We do not recommend peeling off the eyelash extensions on your own. The eyelid can be injured, or natural eyelashes can be damaged.

What to do if it is impossible to immediately seek professional medical help for some reason?

For first aid, you will need the following medications:

  • Antibacterial eye drops can be dripped into the eyes. Strictly observe the dosage for the drug.
  • "Suprastin" or another antihistamine. Take as directed if there are signs of allergy.
  • It is possible to improve the condition of the eyes and relieve puffiness or itching with the help of antiallergic drops (Vizin, Opatanol, Visoptic).

Unprofessionalism and carelessness of the eyelash stylist

Red eyes after eyelash extensions can occur for several reasons:

  1. Expired or non-original glue (fake).
  2. Damage to the mucous membrane and skin of the lower eyelid due to inept fixation of the eye pad.
  3. Violation of the rules of sterilization, the use of disposable consumables repeatedly.
  4. Violation of the eyelash technique: admission of contact of glue with mucous membranes and skin, the use of excess glue, the wrong method of work.
  5. Irritation and redness of the eyes can occur if the eyelash stylist glued one artificial or natural eyelashes to two real eyelashes. It will be enough to contact the stylist to correct the work.

Prevention of red eyes after eyelash extensions

Redness of the eyes after the procedure can persist for 2-3 hours. To reduce the likelihood of negative consequences, it is worth following these recommendations:

  1. Protect eyes from water for several hours.
  2. Avoid contact with moisture, water and steam in the first 24 hours after the treatment.
  3. It is not recommended to visit the solarium at least two days after the appointment.
  4. It is better to sleep exclusively on the back.
  5. Refuse to use waterproof cosmetics, oil products and greasy creams.
  6. Try not to rub your eyes.
  7. Regularly (once every 3-4 weeks) perform a refill.
  8. Never get an eyelash extension treatment if there is a sensitivity to materials or glue components.
  9. Always keep the eyes tightly closed during the procedure.
  10. Do not laugh, do not talk, do not try to look at yourself in the phone or mirror during the treatment.
  11. Immediately inform the eyelash stylist about any unpleasant sensations during the work.

Conny Lashes Tip: The beauty treatment should be done in a studio by a professional eyelash stylist, who will comply with all safety and sterility rules in her work. The symptom of red eyes after eyelash extensions work is common. It is always recommended to consult a doctor and clearly follow his recommendations.

FAQ’s: Red eyes after lash extensions

What to do, if a slight redness appeared under the eyelids and it is getting worse and worse?

It looks like that the customer has an allergic reaction to the glue, or the mucous membrane was injured during the treatment, which caused redness. We recommend contacting an ophthalmologist.

What to do, if the eyelids get swollen and the eyes are red after the treatment?

Redness can occur, if the eyelash extensions didn’t get applied professional. We recommend contacting the stylist to check the work again.

What to do, if one eye is red and tearing after the treatment?

This happens when extensions get attached too close to the eyelid. The eyes are irritated by the base of the extension. We recommend removing the extensions immediately.

What to do, if the redness appeared right after the treatment and the stylist said it will disappear in a couple of hours, but it didn’t?

If it does not go away, the extensions probably will have to be removed. It can be an allergy to the glue.

What to do, if I get eyelash extensions for many years and there is a problem since today?

In this case, such a reaction may arise for several reasons. Perhaps the components of the glue have changed or there have been changes in your body. Contact a doctor to help you and figure out the problem of red eyes after eyelash extensions.

What to do, if I got my eyelash extensions today and the eyes are red?

It is probably an allergy. Remove the lashes, if medicine does not help.


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