Why eyelash extensions don’t hold

Eyelash extensions don't last? How can this be? Many women are disappointed with the result after an appointment. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, we will tell you the main reasons for short lasting eyelash extensions.

Main reasons why eyelash extensions do not hold

The eyelash stylist is far from always to blame for the fact that the extended cilia fall off in a short period. Most often, the trouble occurs due to improper care of artificial hairs. Hormonal imbalance, oily eyelid skin and the final phase of the life of the natural eyelashes can be also a reason.

The error list is far from exhaustive. Why are eyelash extensions not holding up yet?

Eyelash cycle

The eyelash cycle takes around 90 days. On average, natural eyelashes grow up to 7 weeks. The hair renewal process occurs more often in young women. In women over 40 years it is slower. At the final stage of the eyelash cycle, the natural eyelashes fall out, and with them the extensions.

Cold or flu

Both your own and extended eyelashes will not hold and may begin to fall out due to increased body temperature, watery eyes, and because of medications taken.

Mechanical impact

Another reason why eyelash extensions do not hold can be a mechanical effect. Usually this is evidenced by hair loss on one eye. For example, somebody sleeps on one side, which means that the eyelash extensions on this eye are more prone to rubbing against the pillow.


Eyelash extensions will hold on worse if a woman drank alcohol the day before and after the treatment.

Other reasons why eyelash extensions don’t hold

Care mistakes

Eyelash extension care mistakes can affect the lasting time. Many women use oil-based cosmetics. Their active ingredients destroy the adhesive composition, so artificial hairs begin to peel off from natural ones and fall out.

Touching the eyes

As a result of friction and scratching of the eyes, hair follicles are injured, natural eyelashes fall out along with artificial ones. This is a very common error why eyelash extensions don’t hold.


Sudden temperature changes (hot bath, sauna...), as well as chlorinated pool water, can be the reason why eyelash extensions do not hold.

Wet eyelashes

Wet eyelashes on the first day after the treatment can cause them to fall off.

Allergic reaction

Weakened hair follicles and an allergic reaction to the used products may be the reason why extended eyelashes do not hold. Allergy is usually indicated by redness and severe itching in the eyes.

Poor work

Eyelashes cannot hold due to hormonal disorders and poor application skills made by the eyelash stylist in the treatment.

High quality eyelash extension products

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