Working independently as an eyelash stylist in Switzerland: training, trade, success

Do you want to become a professional eyelash stylist in Switzerland with your own business? Then you are exactly right here! In this article I will give you all the important information you need to start successfully in this field.

Step 1: Attend eyelash extension courses

The first step to becoming a professional eyelash stylist is to take an eyelash extension course. There are many different courses you can take, from online courses to classroom courses. Make sure the course is run by a reputable school or reputable provider and that you receive a certificate.

We offer professional eyelash extension training courses in Switzerland. With us you will learn everything you need to be successful.

Step 2: gain practical experience

Once you have successfully completed your course, it is important to gain practical experience. There are many ways you can do this. You can offer friends and family to do their lashes for free to improve your skills and gain experience. Alternatively, you can work at a beauty salon to gain experience and build your portfolio.

Step 3: Business registration and insurance

If you want to work as a professional eyelash stylist, you must register a business and take out liability insurance. Registering a trade in Switzerland is unbureaucratic and can be done online or at the responsible municipal administration. Liability insurance is important to protect you and your customers in the event of damage.

Step 4: Marketing and customer acquisition

Once you have registered your business in Switzerland and taken out your insurance, it is important to plan and implement marketing activities in order to attract customers. There are many ways you can promote your business, from flyers to social media marketing. Make sure you have a professional website and are registered on platforms like Google My Business to be found online.

Step 5: Training and Progress

As a professional eyelash stylist, it is important to continuously educate yourself and learn new techniques and trends. There are many continuing education courses you can take to improve your skills and stay current. We offer you advanced training courses and perfection training.

Step 6: Buy the best eyelash extension products

Conny Lashes is a well-known and trusted name in the eyelash styling world. The company offers a wide range of eyelash products ranging from eyelash extensions to all accessories. With the online shop from Conny Lashes you have the opportunity to Buy high quality products at a great price and enjoy them from home.

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Once you've reviewed and confirmed your order, you'll need to make payment. Conny Lashes offers various payment options, including credit cards and PayPal. As soon as the payment has been confirmed, your order will be processed and sent to your specified shipping address in Switzerland.

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Get started as an eyelash stylist in Switzerland

The beauty industry is in high demand in Switzerland and eyelash styling is one of the fast growing niches. There are many people who are interested in eyelash lengthening and thickening and are willing to pay for it. As an eyelash stylist you have the opportunity to be successful in this emerging market.

The steps to become a professional eyelash stylist in Switzerland are relatively simple but require time, effort and dedication. With the right courses, hands-on experience, business registration, insurance, and marketing activities, you can build your own successful eyelash styling business. Remember that to be successful you need to keep learning and staying up to date. Good luck on your way to the professionional eyelash stylist!

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