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Are you looking for the perfect eyelash lifting kit? Then we have just the right thing for you: The eyelash lifting kit for eyelash stylists from Conny Lashes!

With this set, you can conjure up the perfect curl of eyelashes for your customers without them having to put on artificial eyelashes. The eyelash lifting procedure raises the natural eyelashes and gives them a beautiful curl that lasts up to eight weeks. The Conny Lashes set contains everything you need to carry out the eyelash lifting procedure professionally.

What is included in the eyelash lifting kit?

This kit contains everything you need for a professional lash lift procedure to give your client's lashes the ultimate curl. Here are the included products in detail:

Eyelash lifting lotion 1

This is the first lotion in the eyelash lift procedure. It opens the cuticle of the eyelashes and prepares them for further treatment.

Eyelash lifting lotion 2

The second lotion in the eyelash lifting procedure. It closes the cuticle layer and gives the eyelashes the desired swing.

Y brush / 10 pieces

These brushes are perfect for applying the eyelash lift lotions and for a precise application.

Micro brushes / 100 pieces

The micro brushes are ideal for cleaning the eyelashes before the treatment and for removing the eyelash lifting lotions after the treatment.

Mascara brushes / 100 pieces

The mascara brushes are perfect for applying eyelash tints or for caring for the eyelashes after treatment.

Eyelash lifting tool

This tool is an indispensable helper for precise application of eyelash lifting products.

Keratin Booster

The keratin booster is another highlight of the Conny Lashes eyelash lifting kit. It provides additional care for the eyelashes and gives them a special strength.

Eyelash mirror

This mirror is perfect for a close inspection of the lashes before and after the treatment.

Eyelash tape

The eyelash tape is a must for a professional eyelash lifting treatment. It is a perfect tool during treatment.

Eyelash shampoo

The eyelash shampoo is another important product for the care of the eyelashes before and after the treatment. It cleans the eyelashes and optimally prepares them for the eyelash lifting.

Eyelash lift silicone pads

These silicone pads are essential for the eyelash lift procedure. They ensure the right curl of the eyelashes and guarantee a perfect result.

Eyelash lifting glue

The eyelash lifting glue is another important element of the Conny Lashes eyelash lifting kit. It ensures that the silicone pads and natural lashes are held properly during the treatment.

Eye Pads / 50 pieces

The eye pads are an important part of the eyelash lifting treatment. They protect the sensitive skin around the eyes and ensure a pleasant treatment process.

Dappen dish glass

This small glass is ideal for mixing the substances.

With this eyelash lifting kit, nothing stands in the way of your success. The short exposure times of the lotions will save you time and money. The set is already recommended by thousands of eyelash stylists worldwide.

All products in this eyelash lifting set are also available separately in our shop.

Why should you buy the Conny Lashes eyelash lifting kit?

  • The Conny Lashes Eyelash Lift Kit contains all the products you need for the eyelash lift procedure. The products are of high quality and easy to use. With this set you can carry out the procedure professionally and give your customers the perfect eyelash curl.

  • In addition, the Conny Lashes set is inexpensive compared to other eyelash lifting kits on the market. You don't have to spend a lot of money to give your clients the best results.

  • In addition, Conny Lashes is a reputable company that is known for its high-quality products. When you buy the Conny Lashes eyelash lift kit, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality products.

Buy the best eyelash lifting kit

The eyelash lifting kit from Conny Lashes is not only complete and professional, but also of the highest quality. The products have been specially developed for eyelash stylists to achieve a perfect result.

Thanks to the keratin booster, the eyelashes are optimally cared for and strengthened after the treatment. The silicone pads and the eyelash lifting adhesive ensure the perfect swing of the eyelashes and guarantee a long-lasting result.

The included brushes and eyelash shampoo ensure that the eyelashes are optimally cleaned and prepared for the best result. And thanks to the eyelash mirror and eye pads, the treatment is comfortable and safe for your clients.

The eyelash lifting kit from Conny Lashes is therefore the perfect choice for every eyelash stylist who wants to offer their customers a perfect result. Buy the set now and become a professional in eyelash lifting!


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