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Marble stone for eyelash extensions

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When it comes to eyelash extensions, choosing the right tool is just as important as choosing the right glue. One tool to have in your collection is a marble eyelash glue stone. This stone offers a smooth and cool surface on which the glue can be optimally processed.

The marble stone for eyelash extensions prevents the eyelash glue drop from drying out too quickly during application by keeping it at a constant room temperature. The stone also ensures safe treatment as the vapors stay away from the eye during application.

Our marble stone for eyelash extensions is made of high quality marble, which is perfect for processing eyelash glue. The surface is smooth and cold, which allows the glue to dry slower and stay wet longer, giving you more time to position the lashes.

Using a stone also keeps the glue on a cool surface, which helps the glue last longer and doesn't dry out as quickly.

The marble stone for eyelash extensions is also easy to clean and disinfect, which ensures hygiene during the work. Simply clean the stone with a suitable cleaner and then disinfect it with a disinfectant.

Our stone is also a stylish and elegant accessory for your workplace. The natural marble pattern makes each stone unique and adds a luxurious feel to your workspace.

Overall, our Marble Eyelash Extension Stone offers you many benefits to help you achieve perfect results. With its smooth and cool surface, easy cleaning and disinfection and stylish design, our stone is an indispensable tool for every eyelash stylist.

Product details

  • Diameter: 5cm

  • Regulates the temperature of the glue drop

  • Provides a cooling effect to prevent the adhesive from drying out

  • Helps reduce wasting eyelash glue

  • Reusable


When working with eyelash extensions it is important to have the right accessories to achieve a perfect result. One of these important tools is a marble stone for eyelash glue. In this guide I will show you how to use the stone to get a professional result.

  • First you need to make sure your marble eyelash extension stone is clean. You can simply clean it with warm water and soap and then dry it thoroughly. Be careful not to leave any soap residue on the stone.

  • Apply the eyelash glue to the marble stone. Make sure you only apply a small amount as the glue dries quickly and you will need to change it often.

  • Pick up the eyelashes with tweezers and dip them into the eyelash glue on the marble stone. Make sure the lashes are completely covered with glue, but avoid applying too much glue as this can cause clumping.

  • Carefully place the lashes onto the client's natural lashes and press gently. Make sure the lashes are even and well positioned.

  • Repeat the process until you have attached all the lashes you want. Be sure to change the glue on the marble stone frequently to ensure it stays fresh and sticky.

  • After you have attached all the lashes, let the glue dry and carefully remove any glue residue with tweezers. Residue can be removed with acetone, soap and hot water.

Why is the marble stone so important for eyelash extensions?

Using a marble stone for eyelash extensions is a great way to achieve a perfect result. Using the right accessories can mean the difference between a mediocre application and a professional one. Make sure you clean the marble stone before each use and change the glue frequently for best results.

Conny Lashes tips

  • The marble stone for eyelash extensions is healthier for your customers during application than, for example, a glue ring (less fumes).

  • Replace the drop of glue about every 30 minutes.

  • The surface of the stone can be covered with medical tape to avoid residue.


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