Different styles of eyelash extensions

Are you looking for an innovative eyelash extension technique to impress your clients? Well, the innovations in the eyelash extension styles are making women look more mesmerizing. Eyelash extensions are a significant factor in the overall makeup as that adds a tinge of glaze to the face.

As an eyelash extension artist, you can become familiar with different eyelash extension styles easily. No matter what kind of makeup women wear, recreating eyelashes through eyelash extension will make women look way more appealing. Here, we show you some of the eyelash extension styles that are well-recognized for creating wonderful eyelash extension looks for women.

Natural eyelash extension style 

natural eyelash style

This is one of the classic eyelash extension styles that is vastly used by most women. In this technique, the natural eyelashes won't tamper with too much. Instead, retaining the structure of the natural eyelashes is the priority of this kind of eyelash extension. Here, eyelash extension is used to make the eyelashes sharper, smoother, and silkier. The structure, density, and pattern of the eyelashes remain the same as before.

Doll eyelash extension style

doll eyelash extension style

This method of eyelash extension tends to make eyes look like the eyes of a doll. A majority of eyelash extension artists prefer this style for imparting women a unique appearance. Everyone is pretty familiar with the appearance of a doll’s eyes.

In this method, the artist will attempt to keep longer lashes in the middle of the eyelid. The lengths of eyelashes are supposed to decrease gradually as one would move towards either corner of the eyes. In simple words, this method tends to retain longer lashes in the middle of the eye, and the lashes of eye corners get tapered off. This particular style makes eyes look brighter and fuller as one would open those.

Open eye extension style

open eye extension style

If a woman chooses this eyelash extension style for her eyes, then you should recommend your client to deal with the eyelashes' volume expertly. To give an open-eye type appearance to the eyelashes, you can increase the volume and thickness of the lashes that are nearby the eyelid. Besides that, you can also reduce the lashes' density while moving towards the corner. That’s how you can apply this style of eyelash extension on the eyelashes.

Cat style eyelash extensions

cat style eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, this extension method's primary approach is to make the eyes look like the eyes of a cat. To make that possible, you have to start styling and adjusting the lashes from the eye-corner associated with the nose. Start adjusting lashes from there, and the thickness and length of the eyelashes are supposed to get increased as you move towards another eye-corner.

Squirrel style eyelash extensions

squirrel style eyelash extensions

While styling the eyelashes using this method, you need to apply for the most extended eyelash extensions beneath the arch of the eyebrows. The lashes of other portions of the eyelids are supposed to be shorter in length than those.

These are some of the trendiest eyelash extension styles that are very popular in the entire world. You should pick one of these styles according to your clients’ face and eyes' shapes to make her look more beautiful. This lash extension style guide will help you manage the eyelashes efficiently.

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