Volume and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Volume and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Our 1-day volume and Russian volume eyelash extensions training course will teach you how to apply volume semi-permanent eyelashes where two or more lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. Volume Lashes are very popular with women of style and fashion around the world. This lash techniques create the appearance of a long, thicker and fuller lash look. The volume and Russian volume eyelash extensions training course are perfect for those who are already experienced in the one-and-one technique and would want to improve their lash skills. Learn the ins-and-outs of the industry from our experienced lash educators. Our Russian Lashes training is a brilliant opportunity for lash artists who want to extend their service with more drama lashes. The volume and Russian volume eyelash extensions training course have been designed to teach the worldwide newest and most efficient volume eyelash techniques with ultra-fine and soft extensions. 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D – these styles give clients a full and glamorous look with beautiful looking volume lashes. This 1-day eyelash extensions class will level up your lash game. When you are joining our Russian lashes training, you are investing in your future, and you are going to be part of the Conny Lashes academy. You will receive an eyelash extension certification, lifetime support and discounts in our lash extensions shop to ensure you have everything you need for a successful career. 

What is taught on the volume and Russian volume eyelash extensions training course?

Our 1-day eyelash course will cover everything you need to know about the technique of Russian Volume lash extensions.

  • Introduction to eyelash extensions
  • Anatomy of the eyes and lashes
  • Health & safety working around the eyes
  • Hygienic routine in the lash studio
  • Contraindications of lash extensions
  • Eye allergies
  • Product knowledge
  • Introducing all lash types, curls, thicknesses and lengths
  • Eye-shapes and different lash styles
  • Lash mapping
  • Treatment procedure
  • Application of volume lashes (hands-on practice on a mannequin and live model)
  • How to refill lash extensions
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Creating a comfortable working space
  • How to remove lashes
  • How to isolate lashes
  • Client aftercare advice
  • Marketing – how to build and brand your business
  • Professional Pricing
  • How to take the perfect picture
  • Eyelash extension certificate

    Structure of the Russian Volume eyelash course

    The Volume and Russian Volume eyelash extensions training course typically runs from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. You will learn the theory of these advanced techniques. Then you’ll practically exhibit your skills on a mannequin head and a live model. If you don’t have a live-model, we will definitely provide you with a live model.

    Lash Extensions Starter Kit

    Our fully stacked lash extensions kits include all the premium products you need to work with on your potential clients. A significant benefit of being part of the Conny Lashes Academy is that our students get a 10% lifetime discount in our lash shop.

    Why choose our Russian lashes training?

    Eyelash extensions beauty treatments have become increasingly popular around the world. In actual fact, there is a high demand for volume and Russian Lashes everywhere. Besides that, you will train with one of the best international lash artists. Women love wearing full lashes with a natural-looking volume. We want to help you with achieving your goals and becoming the best lash technician in your city. We offer a large selection of eyelash training, and after you go through our lash academy, you will be a highly certified lash artist. As a member of our academy, you will have great opportunities in our lash extensions shop.

    How to pay the Volume and Russian volume eyelash extensions training course?

    The eyelash extension training can be paid for via Paypal, Instant bank transfer and credit card. By making full advanced payment, you can secure your seat. Our 24/7 online booking is an easy and fast way to participate in our eyelash training.

    Lash certification

    All our lash extensions classes are diploma courses. When you have completed your lash training, you will receive a pro diploma certificate issued by the Conny Lashes academy. That lash certification will help you in your career as a lash artist.